PyWeek - Multiverse Factory 14 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 4 4

Very fun little puzzle game. Mechanics are interesting.

3 3 3

Neat idea with some cool interactions. I had a brief go at going back to 100% things but found the
timing too tight and fiddly for it to be enjoyable.

4 4 4

I was able to figure out how everything worked, except the toaster, and win the game, only dying
once. That means the game did a great job of explaining things or making it possible to figure
out on-the-fly. Music was funny and very appropriate. Gameplay was a good balance between
difficulty and fun.

3 4 4

I'm going to break my mouse with all those clicks. But the game is very nice.

2 3 2

The icons were really hard to tell or help me understand what they were supposed to do. The game
had me a little fustrated. There were blue boxes around all the creatures and the person. I am
running OS Snow Leopard.

4 3 4

This was a lot of fun. Lol at the feather from pyweek 9 :D

4 4 3

Nice game! :)

4 3 2

Haha, really fun game! I enjoyed the writing. I scored down innovation because you basically
just click stuff and there is no strategy to speak of. A richer game mechanic and better art
would have made for higher scores.

4 3 2

This game has nice humor & horror.

4 3 4


5 5 5

Nice intro, liberal use of cheesy fonts, good progression of difficulty. Very good job! Had
two problems, though. #1 See the traceback. (t was nice when the game reloaded from when it had
crashed.) #2 outlines of some sprites are black. There seems to be a few differences from
windows pygame and os x pygame. I've seen it before. On windows, it seems to detect the alpha
channel of images and will set the appropriate flags when loading to have alpha transparency.
On os x, you have to explicitly set the alpha channel. Hope that helps you. Congratulations!
Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 48, in run_optimized() File
"", line 32, in run_optimized main.main() File
line 44, in main start_context() File
line 28, in start_context File
line 477, in run State.clock.tick() File
line 238, in tick self.paused_callback() File
line 375, in _paused self.paused_update() File
line 288, in paused_update self.tipper.advance() File
line 62, in advance self.tipqueue.pop(0) IndexError: pop from empty list

4 4 4

very funny game, but the graphic (imho) is too simple.

3 3 3

An all round average game. The best feature for me was the story line. Loved it, found it very
amusing so whoever crafted that gets the Puntastic! award from me. Should go nicely on your CV
;) It's great that it's so hard, but to be honest once I failed a level twice I gave up because I
didn't care that I didn't complete it... knowing that I'd forget about it in a weeks time. In
terms of gameplay I don't feel like you've broken new grounds. The story is creative for sure
but the platform, movement, etc is all very standard. I am looking for a game that I haven't seen
before. If I wanted to time clicking on a screen I'd rather play Helicopter. Sound and music
wasn't unbearable but not particularly enjoyable either.

3 2 3

Never did figure out what the glue was for