PyWeek - Multiverse Factory - feedback

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4 4 4

This was a long game, I can see that a lot of work was put into it, great work. I made it to the end, but I didn't really feel compelled to try other levels. Jumping feels a bit odd, probably due to the tile system - though I didn't need the "view tile" feature at any point in the game. Puzzles are well designed, some levels were hard but not too hard, a few levels were particularly fun, others were too simple. Although it was nice to have backspace, an undo button would be nice as well and easy to implement (just remove the last statue, increase a life and send the player to the beginning); it's usually not worth it in a puzzle game with long levels to force the player to redo all his actions after he makes a small mistake. Act I "tutorial" felt a little longwinded - if I were playing normally instead of rating, I probably wouldn't have the patience to go through 9 levels of tutorial. Music was great and the character was well drawn. Overall, it was quite fun. Well done.

2 5 3

I'm impressed! I mean, the game is obviously nice, but I can't figure out it came out from a "random-people" team who never worked together. Very very good job.

4 4 4

A nice complete game! Pretty full featured, too. Not particularly exciting, though.

5 5 4

Very nice platformer puzzle game.

4 4 4

Superb entry, especially the puzzle design. Would benefit from a bit more variety in the scenery and perhaps one or two other abilities or dimensions to the soul-splitting ability to open up the possibility of more varied puzzles.

5 4 4

A thoroughly enjoyable game. I played to 100% completion, hoping for a second ending, but wasn't too disappointed when there wasn't one. I think you hit just the right level of difficulty with the levels, and only requiring half of the "challenges" to be completed was a nice touch.

5 5 5

A really great game. It is a lot of fun to play, and the concept itself is very clever. Well done!

5 5 5

Excellent. .... Is there a way to remove a misplaced statue or restart the whole map? Ah, found
it. Nevermind. Excellent! ;-)

4 4 4

Very cool game!

4 4 4

love the game mechanics. Nice game

2 3 4

Great idea but the game is boring when you do the same level for 8th time.

2 3 4

cool idea, but needs work

4 4 4

i really liked this game

5 4 4

Had tons of fun playing this! Nice mechanic. I thought at first the levels might be boring but they didn't.

2 3 3

thought out well but not very fun

2 3 2

Things I didn't like: 1) Walk cycle is broken. 2) Disturbing camera (try Wishy Washer for
example). I tried settings allow_camera_stealing to False, but it didn't help. 3) Most
levels are tedious and unchallenging. It picks up toward the end, but too little and too late. I
think most puzzles would be equivalent if you could just drop a statue and wouldn't have to
start from the gate again. 4) There is little platforming but it is annoying because of the lack
of solid platforming physics (for example you want to move a little and fall into a pit
instead). 5) Bland environment. 6) It's very much a matter of taste, but I found the interludes
unimaginative if somewhat atmospheric. They also make it even more similar to Braid to which
it compares unfavorably. Things I liked: 1) Common Descent was a fair puzzle. If all others
were of similar quality it would be a fun game! 2) The sounds were quite fitting. The background
music is a good match too. 3) The in-the-game user interface matches the setting and works
okay. 4) Sticks very close to the theme.

5 4 5

Really nice level design, all very well-planned. A few were a little repetitive but you get that with platformers. Also some of the humour was about... lame. But otherwise this was great.

4 5 3

Very nice looking, amusing black humor and carrying some kind of life message.

Although the levels got a bit repetitive after a while they were still fun BUT YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO WALK PAST A DARN PORTAL WITHOUT GOING IN this was by far more infuriating and time consuming than any of the challenges.

4 4 4

This is great! Well done! BTW, a slight glitch: I completed two of the levels by killing myself and accidentally jumping into the exit. :-)

1 3 1

Just little platform game without goal.

3 4 3

Very well made game. The level design was good, but not intuitive. The graphics and visual effects of sprite during the jumps were amazing. background sound was good too. The sprite was difficult to control when jumping around the blocks, margin of errors was too little. Thanks for this game.

3 4 4

this game is good

4 3 4

I like the concept, there's been quite a few recent commercial games based around similar ideas and themes, and it works well with puzzle platforming. Puzzles were well thought through and designed, with some clever uses of the mechanics.

Production could have used a few tweaks, as you'd expect with such a long game in such a short time. The camera jumped around a lot, which made me a bit sick towards the end (especially on bottoms up!), and the disparity between the detail on the character sprite/statues compared to everything else was noticable. A few other small niggles.

Overall, it was pretty fun to play and I enjoyed it!

4 5 4

When I walk through a portal: $ python Traceback (most recent call last): File
"", line 48, in run_optimized() File "", line 32, in run_optimized
main.main() File "/home/andy/pyweek-entries/fractured-soul-v2/gamelib/",
line 53, in main File
"/home/andy/pyweek-entries/fractured-soul-v2/gamelib/", line 43, in
think context.push(cutscene.CutScene(filename, new_game_context)) File
"/home/andy/pyweek-entries/fractured-soul-v2/gamelib/", line 48, in
__init__ self._next() File
"/home/andy/pyweek-entries/fractured-soul-v2/gamelib/", line 75, in
_next spr.image = self.font.render(text, False, (0,0,0)) pygame.error Hacked around by
replacing the cutscene font file with the regular font file. Great puzzles that made me think.
The protagonist as a douchebag was hilarious, and yet it was touching at the end to see the
story. No homo. The grid-aligned physics helped most of the time, but sometimes got in the way
and made the game feel glitchy.