I've got some ideas and not a lot of time during the challenge. We'll see what can be done.


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It went bust

TIme for a post mortem.

This time it didn't go well. I've only written a few lines of code, then got stuck thinking how to do it well. After a day of thinking, the motivation to take part this time started to wane. The fact that I have quite a lot to do for my studies (Finals Week equivalent is getting closer) didn't help either.

I know there is a lot of people who managed to create amazing entries even with serious time constraints. That's great and I'll be more than happy to play some of the games created during the last week.

I've got a question or two - do you happen to lose motivation half-way during the challenge or something similar? How do you cope with it?

So, it seems there were several factors resulting in DNF this time.
  • Time constraints
  • Lack of motivation
  • Too complex project

I'll try next time. Next challenge will be during my summer vacation, so maybe this could help me draw up an entry.


Too complex?

I'm starting to think that my concept is a bit too complex. Especially that I've spent about three hours writing 69 lines of code and all that it does right now is showing this on screen:

But hey, it works!

I think I'll focus on getting the battle to work and the rest might be done if time allows. I learned a few things today, though:

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A slow start

I haven't had much time during the first two days, but I've managed to install an IDE, configure Git repository and upload the Skellington package there.

The repository's here - https://github.com/mmkay/mmk-pyweek14 - but right now it doesn't contain anything interesting.

The fact that I didn't have much time doesn't imply that I haven't done anything. I've discussed the theme with my girlfriend and an idea came up, involving three types of wizards casting spells that are actually physics laws, math symbols and computer architecture/programming concepts. I am a terrible graphics designer, though, so I'm thinking about top-down perspective to make things simple to draw (after all, some wizards wear hats with wide, oval brims, don't they? ;) ).

More to come, maybe. At least I'll try this time (during Pyweek #11 I didn't even start coding).

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