PyWeek - Team Chimera - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 4 3

Cool intro and story. Always nice to see a good intro in a Pyweek. Ending is great! I wonder what
kind of data the wizard collected that gave him that conclusion. Did the dragon hug the knights
to death?

The puzzles felt a bit straightforward, but they are nicely designed and I enjoyed them. In the
last one, I kept having to restart because I was not leaving enough space between boxes. The
pixel art is solid and looks very nice, though it would have been nice to play on a larger window.
Nice work!

4 5 4

nice puzzles

5 4 3

Fun little platformer. Good job on the level and puzzle design.

4 4 3

It builds more on nostalgia than on offering a novel experience. But the puzzles were well
designed. Not too easy, not too hard, not too tedious. The three quests each had a distinct
pattern to them. I'm really impressed by this as well as the high quality cutscenes and UI. The
story is all right too. The controls work well enough, but I suppose they could be still tweaked
to be a bit smoother. When I had to repeat something a few times I wished I could move faster. The
artwork is nicely done!

4 4 2

Cool puzzles, nice graphics, neat story. Nothing super new, but it comes together well.

5 3 4

This was great fun. Very satisfying puzzles but not too difficult. Short and sweet with a cute
ending. Excellent entry. Especially like how the theme was framed with a fantasy theme.

3 4 2

Good work!

4 4 3

Rather fun, though challenging to complete. Somewhat frustrating with the exact placement
of the weight to avoid reset.

4 5 5

A very polished and complete game. It is amazing that this was achieved in just a week. Very good
looking and very detailed level design. I'm not sure if i was doing something wrong but the
screen was tiny on my computer (OSX). Even so it looked great and played very well. Great job.

3 3 3

+1 for super plot twist.

3 4 3

Good game, nice story. It would have been nice if the game window was bigger.

5 5 4

Well-designed puzzles and funny ending :) An all-around great game.

4 4 4

Very fun game! (Although I did get somewhat discouraged after my twentieth or so failure to get
past the second red level). The ending is awesome, possibly second only to the end of Elephant
Quest, and figuring out how to do the levels was very fun. Good job!

3 5 3

Good game maybe a little short but i like the graphics though the screen could be bigger.

3 4 3

Pixel art! Very nice. The puzzles are good as well.