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4 5 4

nice game! well done!

5 5 5

Amazing game and particularly in the time available. Graphics are exceptional and the
gameplay ideas very unique and full of promise. Very well done!

5 5 4

I love Hackerbot! 3D game. You're a robot on a spherical asteroid. You can jump to other
asteroids, and you can "hack" things: nodes (your goal in each level is to hack all the nodes),
sentry bots (which shoot at you! but you can take them over and drive around!), turrets (which
shoot you if they can), and shield generators (which block you from other asteroids). It took a
little getting-used-to to get good at jumping to other asteroids. And it's a little
frustrating getting most of the way through a level, then dying, then having to do it all over
again from scratch. And I'm not sure I see any evidence of the theme...? But these are minor
quibbles. Hackerbot is lots of fun, and it looks and plays great. A fantastic entry to PyWeek!

5 5 4

I love this game. :D The lovely design introduced me to the game in a view simple steps. I
immediately felt a little sneaky and most notably in control. I always had the feeling, that it
was my fault, if something didn't go as planed. I loved the moment, when I realized, that I
could, or even should, use the hacking mode to take aim at the meteors. The fact that I can lure
the sentries towards me, in order to hack them; the fact that I can see through stuff in
hack-mode to get a clearer view over the situation; the moment, when I realized I can continue
the game where I left ... all so brilliant! :) And last but not least: the music and sounds fit
very good and add to the feeling of the game.

4 4 5

Super-cute design of the robots, and really interesting mechanics.

3 4 4

Nice game. I've felt it was difficult, in 3d, to find points of reference, follow the
trajectory of enemies and play with the camera. But the idea of 3d steal game and the production
are very nice.

3 5 3

It's nice to see 3D graphics used well in Pyweek, and this is used well - the 3D is thematic and
really works as a game. Hackerbot is stylish and well-animated. The gameplay lacks fun
though; it didn't really hold my interest. It needs more elements to it so that there's more and
more to discover. And perhaps not insta-death from the sentries/turrets so that you can try to
frantically escape.

4 5 5

The 3d is so cool! I loved flying through space, and it was really fun to sneak around to the
backside of asteroids to hide out. I definitely agree that the model for the HackerBot is worth
it: it looks great! The skybox was well done. It felt really epic while flying through space. I
admit I didn't get that far. It's pretty hard. I spent a long time on level 4 and never made it very
far on level 5. I hope to check out this final boss at some point. The 3d motion is good, though it
could be slightly better. I recommend reading about quaternion rotations. Honestly it's a
bit of a learning curve, but once you get it, it's an elegant solution to this motion issue at the

4 4 4

It worked well, pretty solid interface, AI, line of sight. It was fun. But that Juggernaut! I
And that missile! could not figure him out. Then I watched the playthrough video. Very clever.
Thanks for the code fix in the diary comment, much appreciated.

4 4 4

A nice game!

3 5 4

Hacking missiles is cool. I needed to comment out "glutInit("")" to boot the game.

3 4 4

This was a beautiful game but kind of hard to control

5 4 4

I had so much fun with this game! Also the music is great.

5 5 5

This is awesome!!!