PyWeek - mit-mit pyweek 23 - feedback

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5 5 4

This is really cool and very fun! The atmosphere of an old space shooter 3D game was definitely
on point (visuals, sounds, and everything). I liked the story too, and it was fun to have the
voice talking to you. I wish the ending text were slightly different whether you destroyed the
colony or not, but that's not important. Very nice!

4 4 3

The story was interesting and kept me motivated to finish the first levels which weren't that
exciting. With the difficulty of the levels increasing it was much better. Sound and graphics
are nice.

4 5 4

nice game, well done, this reminded me of the first games in 3d (looke similar)

3 4 3

Impressive roll-your-own 3D!

3 5 2

This game ran incredibly slowly (5 fps). Other than that, the 3d graphics are a good, rare
feature. The README is very well documented. I liked the backstory and diverse objectives.

4 5 4

Really cool job with the 3d. Definitely reminds me of the original Star Fox in a good way. Could
have used a little more variety of objectives. Maybe an escort mission or something? The story
is a bit straightforward, but I liked it. Overall great job!

3 5 3


5 5 3

It's rare to see a hand-rolled 3D engine in a Pyweek - let alone one that makes for a fun game. The
dog-fighting worked surprisingly well - it felt much like a first-person shooter, but this
avoided the feeling of "lost in space" disorientation.

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4 5 4

I'm impressed by the fact that this looks so nice while done without any 3rd party 3d library.
The precise navigation was hard on my eyes and my arm.

5 5 3

Nice buildup of challenge. I didn't see a connection to the theme, but I didn't finish, so it
could be at the end.

4 5 5

This was a good game. My only complaint was the gameplay was a little simple and unvaried. But it
was fantastic overall for a short project!