PyWeek - Mischief Moon - feedback

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2 3 3

1 1 1 yes

I'm getting "Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault"

4 3 4

A good puzzle game! I was afraid at the start, because for every PyWeek there are a bunch of
switches-and-door puzzle games, and it is really hard to keep it fresh. But you pulled it off!
Many of the puzzles are entertaining, I think because it feels good to outwit a dumb robot. The
presentation has many awesome elements -- the music, the sound effects, the hand-drawn art.
It does not entirely come together in the end, but it's a good start.

4 3 4

Under portable-python windows i get a delay after ruptures are repaired. Very nice. Great

3 2 4

need to fix some small details but it is good game

3 4 3

Decent platform puzzle game. I like most of the mechanics, and the flow of the game is quite
nice. Some of the later puzzles get rather dependant on exact timing, which I'm not a fan of, but
the game is still quite enjoyable.

4 4 4

I kind of like the crayon graphics and home-brew sfx.

4 4 4

Really nice game.

5 5 5

I like a lot these games, smart, lovely graphics and sounds and funny to play.

3 2 3

Nice puzzle game. I love the graphics and the music, not that much the sound effects. May be is a
matter of taste but to me they lower the final quality of the game. Sorry. Custom level support
is cool. All together a good entry that just needs some polishing to be great.

4 5 4

This was great fun, and got quite challenging around level 15! I really liked the music, the
visuals, and the gameplay. Good work!

3 3 3

Fairly tricky

4 3 3

I like the sound effects :) Quite fun but I got stuck a few levels in with the spiral in the middle
and the 3 arms.

4 3 3

This was a very nice, complete game. I really liked the level design with the gradual
introduction of mechanics and the small amounts of text to both guide the player and also
create a little story. I also really liked that you were able to integrate aspects of the Moon
theme like the Gerty character. The graphics were kind of cool in a playful way as was the sound.
It would have been nice if the walls were a more playful graphics because they looked like a
placeholder and it made it a bit unclear if the other graphics were meant to be playful or
placeholders too! I also liked the simple level design templates so that others could add
levels - that was a neat touch.

4 5 3

I love the art and the sound effects. The puzzles started getting difficult at about level 14,
but I'll definitely be back to play this one again later.

4 3 3

I like puzzle games. The only complaint about mechanics is that it was annoying that the game
seemed to freeze while a door or other animation was going on. The sounds were a bit silly, but I
guess they fit the general silliness going on.

3 3 2

Nice cute little game and nice hand made graphics. The movement could be slightly smoother
(smaller player collision box or larger tiles?) and especially when switching levers I would
like to move, it's a distraction with that kind of lag.