B3ench Warrant

My second shot at pyweek.


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Spent too much time on the first day on unimportant aspects

My idea is you are in a courtroom (1 Room) the entire game. Its a little far fetched, but whatever. You are a judge and you pass/decline different types of warrants handed to you by police. Some may be have valid evidence, and some my be phony. Something negative happens if you issue a warrant with fraudulent evidence ( i dont know what yet, lol).

I got the main menu, and intro up and running. I think i spent too much time on trying to get a working screen resolution change. It somewhat works, has some bugs, but does not fully work without restarting the program. Not sure if i want to put more time on that as i feel i am falling behind.

For some reason I feel like i do not have enough of the guts or game concept in mind yet to make the full working game. I think it could be a fun game. Which with a time line of a week, is not good. Maybe someone can help with pointers if they have time?

My entry is on my github if anyone is interesting