PyWeek - Flood It - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 2 3 yes

cannot find relevance to the 8bit theme. as per mentioned github repo started working on the
game two days before the competition kicked off

1 1 1 yes

Entries must be developed during the challenge, work done on entries before this time would be
considered cheating.

2 3 2

Not a bad first attempt, but it is not innovative or appealing. I hope you can do better at the
next chance.

3 4 3


4 4 1

This is a fun game, but I have to mark it down on innovation because it's a straight-up clone.

3 3 2

Nice implementation, although I would have preferred something with a bit of a twist on the
idea rather than a complete clone.

The connection to the theme is a bit teneous.

The packaging could have been neater (deleting pyc and __pycache files, removing backup
files, etc.), but the game is quite enjoyable.

1 1 1 yes

First commits on May 9th before coding period started, and the entry does not follow the
contest theme.

5 3 3

Very addicting :)

3 3 1 yes

Disqualified for not using theme and for starting two days before pyweek (according to github

The game itself is quite well implemented, but that doesn't excuse blatantly ignoring the
competition rules.

I look forward to future entries that I won't have to disqualify. :-)

2 1 1 yes

This game works fine. I'd even consider it somewhat satisfying it wasn't an outright clone of
another game. You could have spent a little more time picking nicer colors. Beyond all that,
I'm not really seeing the theme here at all.

3 2 1 yes did say it was a clone. It's definitely an enjoyable game to begin with. I don't see how it
fits the theme - you could have done something as easy as having 8 colors.

3 3 2

Pretty addictive.

3 5 1

Apart from that it is a clone.. nice job

5 5 5

I like this game so much and it is quite addictive, unfortunatly has no good graphic and no
sound. I think need more level (less moves, more colors and a bigger grind) to be complete. Good

3 3 3

Fun game. Solid production value. Nice work.

3 4 2

I'm not sure that I see the theme connection. But it is a simple (and fun) game produced well.
Good job!

3 2 3

Hey, it's a pretty good game. Could've done with some music to keep the puzzle game vibes going.

4 2 2

It's fun, but it is a clone. I've never actually played flood it, so some instructions would
have been nice. It took me a bit of fiddling around before I figured out what I was doing.

2 2 2

I though I understood how it works, but I didn't... because suddenly: Game Over :) Well, I don't
know what's going on and I can't see the relation with the theme, but it works. You could have
added bg music or some sort of instructions on how to play the game, but overall it's OK for a
first entry. Congratulations!