PyWeek - Mauvesoft - feedback

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4 4 4

Good Job! I liked replacing the blood spurts with bones and coins and stuff :)

3 4 3

I love the graphics!! maybe the idea is not very original but the "result/production" is one the bests (if not the best in my opinion)

2 5 3

Really beautiful! I like how it zooms out in multiplayer mode. That's pretty cool. It's way too easy to just jump past the levels, and I found jumping between the bamboos to be harder than it felt like it should have been.

4 5 3

very pretty game, I really love the artwork.

I found it pretty annoying to play though. I didn't like the way it felt like the character would only move certain distances (invisible grid feeling). And when trying to jump off trees half the time he'd grab right back onto the same tree instantly again. Also you could complete it very easily just by jumping past the ninjas all the way to the end. I can see this being a really good indie game if you worked on it a bit more and added a bit more gameplay.

3 2 4

no sound

strangely, the key '?' was jump instead of right shift as stated in the readme

4 4 3

Excellent graphics, I really like how those bamboos turned out. The background/floor and character are really good too. The only thing that keeps me from giving you a 5 in Production is the lack of sounds. Quite fun, though a bit too short and easy. The idea works well, though I ended up only climbing on bamboos for fun and for climbing that one obstacle, not to help reach the goal, so it would be nice to see more use to those neat bamboos (maybe a vertical level?). I enjoyed this game, it's very polished visually, nice work.

4 5 4

i do not believe you manage to code it in a week ;-p

2 4 2

I found I could just run in a straight line and my life was in no danger. Other than that, it was a fun game to play.

3 4 3

Great graphics, I don't think I made it very far in the game though.

3 5 4

Very impressive graphics.

4 4 4

I couldn't work out if you included sounds in your game or not. I've decided after some investigation that you planned to but ran out of time. I liked your graphical style very much, and the game was quite fun. Amazing that you got the enemies to level that you got them to .

2 4 2

This game is visually stunning. Especially considering that it is one of the few pyglet entries in this competition that ran at a playable speed (after turning off vbo and reducing the resolution, that is). However, it is much to easy, and since it is much easier to kill ninjas while running on the ground there's no real incentive to actually use the bamboo.

2 4 3

The control scheme needs some work. The game looks beautiful, though.

4 4 3

Really good! i love the graphics!

4 5 2

Fun, nice graphics, enormous window.

3 4 4

The game art looks fantastic. For some weird reason i could not use the jump key :( .. overall good game.

4 4 4

Wonderful. just have some bug in my machine.

3 3 2

Great looks but levels and gameplay need some refinement. For example: Right now you can win the game by running away from the enemies, there is little point in fighting them or climbing trees. I hope you'll work on that because losing all that fine artwork would be sad. :-)

2 3 2

Nice bamboo. The fighting system is a bit broken, I was able to run past every enemy.

2 3 3

Responsiveness to keystrokes seems somewhat unpredictable. Not possible to jump sideways off bamboo like the ninjas can -- is that intentional? Lining up with bamboo to climb it can be difficult, very easy to overshoot.

3 5 2

Very cool graphics!

2 4 1

very polished but not very playable, expecially with the default keys on a laptop

3 4 3

Amazing visuals! I can almost hear the matching music and sounds, the graphics so strongly conjure up an atmosphere. If you plan on improving Bamboo Warrior after the competition what I wish for would be the following. 1) Tweak the motion a bit and make it more responsive and accurate. It's impossible to move just a little bit and cuts often don't register. This seems necessary before the two player duel really becomes engaging. 2) Influencing the sway of the bamboo by pressing left and right would be intuitive. I'm not sure if it's missing or just not powerful enough. 3) This holds the basic mechanics of a great game, but it feels like the game itself is not there yet. You can just run right jumping over the baddies to win. I'm sure you have ideas for making it a richer game, but one obvious start would be the classic beat-em-up approach where you have to kill all enemies before a "GO->" sign appears.

2 4 3

Nice idea but I felt it wasn't challenging enough. Maybe if there were barriers you couldn't cross without climbing the bamboo, and tougher enemies it would be more interesting but at the moment I can just keep jumping and hack and slash my way across the map very easily.

You could also improve it by having a training level at the start, as the controls were quite awkward at first and I had to consult the readme to see what they were.

The art was great, it's a shame there wasn't any music to go with it.

1 3 3

"Press Right Shift to Jump" - did not work, was a nice game and idea but without jumping it does not make so much sense to climb up those bamboos..

3 4 4

The visuals are amazing; I especially like the swaying grass. More animation frames would probably make for smoother gameplay.

3 4 3

A very nice-looking game. Didn't seem to be much point to climbing the bamboo though... The fighting mechanic was pretty good though a little fast.