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3 2 3

Okay... that was actually pretty funny. Yeah I didn't really get the puzzles. For the most part
I just clicked until something worked. Game still only lasted about 3 minutes.

3 2 2

Surreal. :D

4 2 4

One of the more unique entries :). Good job, it's really quite fun.

3 2 4

Very surreal, but also very confusing.

1 3 4

Some flying things and a bit of text? Very postmodern.

3 2 3

This defeated my brain ;-) I have no idea how to progress.

5 2 2

Cool. I finish it. Does not make sense but what I can do.

1 2 1

Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the game, but you did say that you worked on this only on the last
day. I hope that you will feel encouraged to start earlier on your game next time, which will
allow you to create something better.

3 2 2

Somewhat amusing, if rather random entry.

The story ends up being a bit incoherent, and the random clicking to achieve stuff makes
completely the game feel like luck, rather than any significant sense of achievement.

2 2 3

Um not quite sure what to do, but did click a lot.

2 2 4

Let me start by saying that this is pretty hilarious and certainly brightened up my work day a
bit, hence the above average innovation... I wasn't able to get the Space-X to build the

3 2 3

Entry in PyWeek 12? :P

4 3 3

NICE....except you've driven me to kidnap babies and sell them on ebay. video games have made a
monster of me!!

2 2 4

wait.... what?

2 2 1

What am I even doing?

2 3 4

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Didn't crash the game. I'll give you points for originality :) But the
gameplay was a bit silly: I was just clicking around, in every picture, and I didn't understand
100% what was going on. Oh I had to convert the mp3 to ogg otherwise i would just get
pygame.error: Module format not recognized

4 3 2

Strangely amusing O.o

4 1 1

That was cool :D

1 2 2

This was quite surreal! I actually kind of liked the weirdness of it so if there had been a few
more screens it might have been pretty interesting!

4 4 3

Crazy game but i enjoyed it. It is a mad experience rather than a real game.

2 2 2

I managed to finish this game, but I don't understand this puzzle.