PyWeek - master47 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 4 2

Fun to play, but quickly got repetitive and too easy. Would maybe help if the goblins started
arriving faster as you got further in.

4 4 3

It was pretty tricky playing this with a trackpad, but this was fun. :) I enjoyed killing the
goblins and the obstacles make the game more interesting. Graphics are pretty good, though I
wish there were sound. Nice job on this game.

4 3 3

Hard to control at first, could use some sounds. Python3 was not needed, run fine on 2.7

2 2 2

It runs fine on Python 2.7 too. It's a nice idea, but the execution could be better. It has a
terrible control scheme. But I could still hold off the invasion for as long as I had patience.
There is no reward for that. I think what this game needs is a better control scheme, gradually
ramping up the difficulty (more and more goblins, different goblin types, etc), and a score
counter and/or achievements.

4 3 3

The game was fun. Interesting victory (or rather lose) condition.

It is challenging to keep the room clear while simultaneously trying to kill the goblins.

The game could have been a little harder, the limits a little lower. The way it is now it is rather
drawn out.

It would have been helpful to display the mouse cursor. It was a little bit disorienting to play
the game without knowing where the mouse is aiming at the moment.

3 3 4

Control scheme was a little difficult to get used to, but I guess that's part of the challenge?
Pretty solid tie-in with the theme, and it really wasn't that badly done! Would have liked some
sounds or music though.

3 3 4

So that's why my room was always a mess.

3 3 3

I think the fun is a bit spoiled by the controls. I was expected them to be like Hotline Miami, but
instead the mouse position actually impacts the moving direction. But still playable and

4 3 4

I had fun with this game.

Good: There is something comical about shooting up your favorite room to stop a messy goblin
invasion. I like the previous game statistics feature and the help screen. Resource
management with the addition of a broom was an amusing and interesting touch that in my opinion
makes this game stand out from yer basic top-down shooter. The game's performance and
responsiveness is great and the graphics have a really pleasant, soft appearance. Thanks for
the zipbomb warning, haha.

Bad: There was no sound or music (everybody's gonna say this). I found it hard to get around the
room without bumping into obstacles. Impeding obstacles are perfectly okay, but I would have
preferred Mr. Clean to slide along the edge of an obstacle rather than get stuck.

Neutral: Part of my difficulty was driving the guy, I guess I need practice with w-key moving in
the facing direction. An option to steer like a car or move like a ball would have been welcome;
but I did not let the steering design or my desire for an option affect the score. :)

Very nice for a Pyweek. Congratulations.

3 2 3

Nice top down shooter game. The graphics and animation were nice and smooth. The controls felt
a bit fiddly - it was quite difficult to move around and to aim at the goblins. Good job!

3 4 3

Nice idea, but the controls are very awkward. Please consider adding juice next time!

4 3 3

This was a fun game, nice concept and it was a good challenge to run around shoot em up and manage
the cleaning too. Nice controls, nice graphics, nice touch with the scoreboard. Good use of
the concept.

3 3 4

The idea is nice! Unfortunately I was playing with a touchpad and this was a bit difficult to
control the character orientation this way... Anyway, this was a lot of stress (but this is
intended I suppose), but the difficulty was progressive enough not to feel overwhelmed from
the beginning.

1 2 2

All you're doing is going around shooting "goblins" and then hovering over trash and pressing
a button to clean it up. It's stale and repetitive. Why would I want to keep doing this for as long
as possible?

The controls are also really bad. These kinds of controls are good for if your character is
always facing forward, but in a top-down view like this, using the mouse's absolute position
is easily better.