PyWeek - Master47 - PyWeek 25 - feedback

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3 2 2

Looks like it's asteroids crossed with an escort mission.

2 2 1

Game bugs out.

4 3 3

has a lot of potential.

2 2 3

it looks rather unfinished as you mentioned in your readme, but its at least playable.

2 2 3

Not bad for what it is. I liked making figure 8's around the planets.

2 2 3

Quite hard because of how an asteroid could spawn on the other side of the screen. I know it's
unfinished, but I played a few games trying to improve my score.

3 3 2

Well, since the game didn't really complete I wouldn't comment much on its graphics and
gameplay and gui and ... But the innovation itself wasn't that interesting and not really
related to the two worlds theme either.

1 2 2

Too challenging.

2 2 2

Very simple.

4 2 1

I feel this is a good game waiting to happen. Such a shame it wasn't finished... I really love
"Asteroids" ;-)

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last): File
"/Users/user/Downloads/two_worlds_two_planets/", line 5, in
from code.classes.Game import Game File
"/Users/user/Downloads/two_worlds_two_planets/code/classes/", line 4, in
from code.constants import game_constants ImportError: No module named constants

1 2 2

Good coding, at least.

2 2 2

The random nature of the incoming asteroids meant that there were some angles they came in at
that made it impossible to get them.

2 2 2

They got my two worlds!!! Wish you had more time. Asteroids is often copied, but it's still fun.

3 2 1

With poor art, stolen mechanics, and poor gameplay, this game deserves its low rating.

1 2 2

hard game