PyWeek - Master47_Sep_2013 - feedback

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3 3 2

3 3 2

The energy and radar mechanics are sort of nice, but wear themselves out after a few levels. I'm
not sure what is supposed to keep the player motivated. Health is not restored between levels,
and death means a full restart. You obviously hate your players :).

3 4 3

looks very good, but playing it gets a bit repetitive

3 4 3

Nice, I liked the exploration and the tradeoffs to keep energy levels up. I got to level 8 before
dying. I wish I could start from where I left off, sorry but I'm not going to play through levels
1-7 again to see what's there!

3 3 3

About average.

3 3 4

I like the light effects and the limited visibility. Great stuff. Nice game.

4 4 4

Enjoyable game with some well-implemented ideas such as the radar. I couldn't find a way to get
any health back - maybe defeated enemies could drop the occasional health pack to boost the
health level percentage by a fraction.

3 4 4

Nicely crafted little game. It was a bit too easy to get lost on level 3 but and maybe moving
enemies would make it a bit more intense but i liked the attention to detail and it felt complete

3 4 3

Tricky game. The rules about recovering energy could be clearer.

The bit about the radar could also be mentioned in the README, since I wasted a lot of time before
I discovered how to activate it.

4 4 4

Sometimes it is hard to steer tank (or whatever you control) to face right direction before

4 4 4

Fun game. Nice radar, and cleverly designed with energy being used up by radar, shooting and
moving the vehicle. I'm impressed. I also liked the fact that you put all the text in the
'prologue' menu option. Possible improvements: The menu text was a bit tricky to read (a bit
too dark on my screen) and maybe some in game music would have been nice, but these are very minor
points! I know we are not judging on this but the source code seems quite nifty (although a bit
different to the style I am trying to develop) so I may well spend some time learning from that
before the next pyweek.

2 3 3

The enemies were a bit boring, would be better if they had some ai.

3 3 3

Oh, dear... when you get out of energy the rover just stops without warning! I though it was a
bug, but turning the radar off the energy comes back haha neat! :) I don't know if there's a way to
recover the health too and I missed it. I love the hud design. I miss some effects when enemies
die and perhaps some ambient background music. Currently it feels a little bit unpolished
because of this. Quite cool game. Congratulations!

4 4 3

A way to repair or upgrade the rover would be nice. Other than that, fun little game.

3 5 3

This was pretty good. I like all the displays, and the management needed to balance energy
between the rover's radar and engine. This, and the bang up job you did on the menus and help
screens in a solo entry is in my opinion Exceptional Production quality. On the downside, the
rover was ungainly as you have to be driving right into the return fire of your target in order to
aim at and hit your target. Not sure what could have been done about this, but some kind of
auto-targeting is needed--perhaps a little slow, to not make it an overpowered feature. Or
perhaps mouse targeting. Nevertheless, I saw you tuned the game to an appropriate level of
difficulty based on this design. Consequently, it was still fun, so kudos!

4 5 4

Good game, the only problem is when you start at first level can lose the way and lose a lot of time
to explore the empty lunar surface. Some music could be improve this game.

3 3 3

"This is quite a nice game with some good prospects. The graphics and overall presentation are
very nice although sometimes the text (eg in the prologue) can be hard to read because it is dark
on a dark background. I liked the HUD you designed for the rover and the rover itself was cool.
I'm not sure if the radar wasn't working for me but I couldn't see how to locate the samples
except by driving around randomly. The rover controls OK but it would be good to include some
acceleration because it doesn't really feel like a vehicle currently. But overall a very nice

2 3 3

I like the idea of having to balance the rover's energy levels. The sample collecting was a
little dull and shooting the enemies was a waste of time.

3 2 3

Didn't handle the QUIT event or include instructions on how to quit...

2 3 2

I liked the graphics from the screen shot, so I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately the
screenshot screen is all the game has to offer. You should have also watched tutorial how to
make textures in GIMP (it's not hard and it leaves definitely better impression when there are
no edges) I like the idea of darkness around, but the game was not much fun (boring battling
system). Good idea is I think connected energy for moving, shooting and radar, that's smart.
Also I would maybe showed help before first running the game (or at least wrote sth like use R for
radar), first time after like a minute of going nowhere I had to quit and look for help :D And btw,
for a main character you should use rotozoom instead of rotate (anti-aliased rotation
function), if not always, he deserves it ;)