PyWeek - master47-2016-2 - feedback

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4 5 4

Interesting idea. It took some getting used to, but once I got into the flow it got pretty fun. I
felt like the difficulty curve really spiked around 40 robots fixed. I was doing just fine
before that and then I got overwhelmed really fast.

4 4 3

This was fun! It does get a little repetitive eventually though, but it's a nice game. The
sounds complement this game pretty well and the voices when interacting with the robots were
satisfying. The idea is simple, but it works pretty well.

3 3 3

Nice work.

3 4 4

I like shooting code at moving targets. I do that a lot these days.

4 3 4

This is a very promising concept! My suggestions for improvement: * a single key to cycle
through fire modes (faster to cycle than to remember which key is which) * larger robot sprites
(language was difficult to make out) * more prominent display of selected mode * leave
revealed robot state visible * slower start to get the player used to the controls

3 3 4

well done entry, although the gameplay gets a bit boring after a while

3 3 3

OK game. Concept has promise, but the game is at times annoyingly fiddly.

1 1 1

Forced fullscreen: no one likes that. There were a lot of keys to remember … you should have had a
reference to these in the game. Particularly since when in full screen, the only way to
reference the readme for controls is to quit the game :( Started new game then waited, nothing
happened (no robots appear) … waiting for about 60 seconds, still nothing. Nice music though.

2 3 2

Quite a nice idea and well implemented but it started way too slow. I had to wait a long time for
any mowers to show up and even then they only came very slowly. Perhaps it gets quicker later but
it was just taking too long. Seems like if it was fast and frantic then it could have been a fun

3 4 3

(Several Species of Small)

Lawnmower Robots Helping At A Garden Exhibition

(and Grooving Together with a Pict)

Cute concept. It needed a bit more. Alas, if you had more time you could have added some new
things to manage or combat in the game. I found the speedy mowers impossible to react to, so I
hacked the settings to drop the frame rate; but then the spawn rate was unexciting: no happy
medium, but I'm sure you would have tuned it given time. Nevertheless, a stable game and a good

Nice music and visuals make a nice atmosphere. You obviously took some care here.

Left me thinking...what, hackers got nothing better to do than harass autonomous lawnmower
service providers now? It was an amusing thought. And it stimulated me to look into robot
lawnmowers, and mower racing where there are lots of futuristic, concept, and boss mowers. :)

2 3 3


2 3 3

How many lawnmowers does a garden exhibition need?

1 2 2

Not so clear on the victory conditions.

3 3 4

well, I am not sure I get the author's idea to play the game. It is seemed an easy game, well , the
music is good, also the drawing is.