PyWeek - mamba - feedback

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4 3 4

That's a pretty good game, and a pretty huge team :)

3 5 4

Inclusion of the level editor is great. The main problem with the game for me is that my reflexes don't seem to be fast enough :)

4 5 3

Well done and polished. A little bit frustrating from time to time, will play Dark Souls now to relax a little bit.

4 4 4

Great work! Would have been better if you explained (tutorial perhaps) about the frog/water salamander/fire etc. I didn't work it out until 2nd level with the obvious blue key/blue door scenario.

4 5 3

So many levels! Great job on getting everything together, I'm really impressed on how many levels you got there!

4 5 4

The working .deb file was a very nice touch !

3 3 3

Interesting idea, but I don't think you made effective use of the various objects, since a lot of the levels were fairly straightforward once you knew what you needed to avoid (at least the ones I played were). I would have preferred some smaller levels with more complex solutions.

The mutation mechanics is pretty frustrating when you have a long tail and are moving fast, yet on the other hand in some of the levels it's possible to eat lots of snails and then stay like that for the rest of level, which makes the traditional-snake aspects too easy. I think you could have done more in the level design to make sure the player is in the state you want them to be in at at any given point.

2 3 3

Interesting concept, what put me off this game though and made it no fun to play was that the controls seemed very delayed, as in press a key to turn and you will continue into the next square before turning.

Also the puzzles began to get tedious.

4 5 4

A healthy variety of gameplay. I felt like a lot of the twists and turns were really unforgiving. It feels more like the Tron light bikes where you need split-second timings more than traditional snake. It got a little frustrating at times, but since you didn't need to complete any of the levels to advance, it wasn't too bad. I'm giving you 5/5 on Production for implementing a usable level editor and way to share network levels. That's quite a special feature.

4 5 5

a well made game! addictive and fun.

4 5 4

Pleasing gfx, sfx, and music. Engaging gameplay. And it works, unlike a majority of games I have tried this Pyweek. :)

Nice application of the theme, great visual feedback on the mutations.

The only think that detracted was the speed. It was a bit too twitchy for my taste. I wanted to see the levels, and was too often frustrated with tripping over my fingers and ramming walls. Yeah, my own fault for being old and naturally un-twitchy. :) Folks of my ilk would appreciate a casual option.

The level editor and network games launch this game right out of orbit in the Production category. Very, very nice addition!

You guys did an superb job. Encountering accomplishments like this is a large portion of the joy of Pyweek.

4 5 5

A good puzzle game, with plenty of content.

3 4 3

This must be heaven for snake-game enthusiasts! I don't enjoy it all that much and for me the puzzles are repetitive and the execution hard. Still, it's a nice and thematic twist on the old game. The online sharing of user levels is a fantastic addition, not characteristic of PyWeek games :). Still I cannot give top score for production because the graphics are bland and the sounds annoying. I see the nice touches, such as the seemless movement of the snake, it sticking its tongue out, the depiction of the active mutations, etc. But it does not look at all professional or charming.

4 4 4

nice complete game.

4 5 3

Cool twist on the the old snake game. I usually get bored rather quickly with those, but I liked your take. Graphics and music fit the game nicely, really cool :)

4 3 3

cool music, nice gamplay and very good level editor

4 3 4

I won't play a exe only version, luckily you provided a python source version

3 4 4

Very well done! A seemingly simple idea, with subtleties and depth, developed into a complete game -- a rare thing to see in a PyWeek. The only thing marring it a little for me is the sudden death for minor steering inaccuracies, which I find frustrating rather than fun.

5 5 4

very good game

5 5 5


4 4 4

Oh yes, interpreting known concepts in a new way. It's snakes on speed here! Well done game, especially user levels etc. Good job!

5 4 4

I always loved snake games, but they became boring after I played them too much on Nokia cell
phones. The puzzle element makes it fresh again. Great!