PyWeek - Master47 Pyweek 2016 - March - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 4

would have been nice if once could steer during jump, but that might have made the game too easy

2 2 3

Ok, but got old fast.

3 2 4

I liked the setting, and the ambient music and sound was superb. It's relaxing. Jumping around
was fun, but the jump energy is exhausted so fast and the crystals fade so quickly that straight
jumps were much more effective.

3 2 3

Game needed some threat or time limit - it's a pleasant enough time waster, but the game play
value is a bit limited.

3 3 3

About average

4 3 4

Very interesting take on the theme. Writing's pleasant, and the core gameplay, while a bit
tedious, is gratifying. The controls definitely took some getting used to, and the
audio/visual design could use work. Since the focus seems to be on a serene and slow growth of a
plant, the piercing loud sound effects didn't really fit in. Check out for some
CC recordings of water droplets, wind chimes, faint electric hums, that sort of thing.

2 3 3

Nice work but it little boring after a while

3 3 4

This game is fun to play. The story at the start is so sad... I think electricity is far too easy to
get, but moonsects and moonwater are balanced. Normal jumping i practically useless as there
is nothing you can reach with it, even with the high version. Straight jumping is good but maybe
more moonsects should appear lower down to make the low version more useful.

Overall, it's a good game.

3 3 4

Looked OK, once I started to get the hang of the controls, I had a bit of fun, but I don't like
control schemes that require me to read through a readme first.

5 4 4

Simple but funny game, very easy and not so challenging. I would like to see it with more and
different levels.

3 3 4

A nice game to spare some time. The controls where quite simple and felt rather well balanced. A
few features more and it would be even better, thinking about power ups that let the player jump
faster/higher or refill the jump strength. Also it could have a survival mode or something
that enhance the difficulty of this game, like enemies or let the bamboo
wilt/shrink/whatever over time.

3 3 3

It's an okay game, although it was very repetitive. There wasn't really anything wrong with
it, otherwise.

2 3 4

It's interesting, first game I've played about gardening on the moon. With that said, the game
needs a lot of fun-nising, it's just not that enjoyable to play. Also, the close button is
broken, I had to use kill the process. Everything else worked, I guess you just want me to play
more of it ;)