PyWeek - m47pyweek18 - feedback

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2 2 3

No more rectangles after wave 5

2 2 4

Something wasn't right with enemy spawning. It would seem ok at first, but after a while they'd
stop spawning.

2 2 3

Nothing would appear for minutes at a time, until I hacked the game logic a bit. Never managed to
score anything siginficant, though.

1 2 2

no sound? theme?

2 2 2

:( i donĀ“t have right ctrl key.

1 1 1

Kind of a weak execution of a concept that fit the theme, but wasn't too interesting.

2 2 3

I see where you're going in the 8-bit theme, and this is a good start to a game I would play for fun.
The bits that are released when you shoot the rectangles float towards the top of the screen
fairly quickly, so better timing than I'd like is involved in collecting them. Would have been
even better with some graphics or sound!

3 2 4

Graphics seemed unnecessarily lazy.

The range of delay for each wave is too long - several times, it wasn't clear that enemies were
still going to come.

The bit assignment mechanic was interesting, but annoyingly hard to do anything useful with.

2 2 1

i kinda liked the particle effects

3 3 3

I wanted to like this game more than I did, but the speed of the bits running to the top of the
screen makes it a little too frustrating to be fun. Also, I played at least one game where I
waited for ages and no enemies arrived.

That said, it looks like a well constructed game that just needs a bit of polish and balance

2 3 2

it must be something wrong with my prng as i got enemies only once in three game launches,
boring. yet those lasted for very short. liked particles fx when destroying an enemy

3 3 4

I liked the game concept, but I don't think I caught a single falling one, and after a while I
seemed to run out of enemies. Using right-ctrl to shoot was a bit awkward because it's so close
to the arrow keys (but not comfortable to use with the right thumb). I would suggest changing it
to space.

1 3 2

Please, include a top level directory when packaging your game! The graphics are basic and
there's no sound, but you did a menu and that's hard work. There's something not quite right, at
some point enemies stop coming and nothing happens.

1 1 1 yes

I think I must be running into a bug, because the enemies just stop coming at some point. Once I
got to wave 3 before it happened, once wave 7, and once no enemies ever showed up at all.

2 2 2

Simple and to the point, the explosions were cool but it seems the enemies run out after the 2nd
one. After that its a lonely, silent journey through deep space. ;-)

1 2 3

I like the idea of assembling bytes to get score and powerups, but that's impossible with just
this low amount of enemies and the angle bits are flying off. Also, firing only a single bullet
for every key press was deeply unsatisfying.

2 2 1

Erm it only spawned 4 rects to kill all the times I tried it. I might be missing something.

3 3 2

I had an issue the first couple of times I played this, the enemies were off the screen. But once I
fixed that in the source, it was pretty fun. I liked the enemy death animations, and I can see
that you'd programmed quite a range of enemy behaviours, which is nice. It is just a shame you
weren't able to work on it more since it could have been even better!

3 3 4

I like the idea of binar code, anyway after a while the enemy abruptly finish and i didn't
understand why. I am curious to see another version (with sound etc.) of this game.

2 2 4

I liked the 8bit-combination logic. You should to put some more "special" bytes for bonuses

2 3 2

I had to change the shoot button to the spacebar, I guess I don't have a right control button. The
enemies never showed up though.

3 2 2

I was really ready to enjoy the concept of this game. The controls were good (the use of right
control instead of left was a little confusing at first) but whenever I shot the square guys the
0s and 1s went straight up every time. This may have been part of the game, as I did manage to catch
some but it was very difficult. And after that I ran into the other major bug, after some waves
are over nothing happens. I didn't see any more enemies appear for quite a while. I like the
concept of gathering the ones and zeros to get different scores and power ups but it was
definitely missing sound and music... I can't forgive not using source control. I can't miss
the clever interpretation of the theme though. I would have played this if it worked for me.

2 1 2

So the first time I played I couldn't figure out why the thing just said 0000000 even when I
killed enemies and 1's popped out. Then enemies just stopped appearing. So I quit and decided
to try again. I read the help again and it seemed to indicate I was supposed to collect the 1's and
0's, but they always moved off the screen so fast I never actually successfully got one.