PyWeek - lvlX - feedback

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Nice work for a first Pyweek. I wish, though, you had written somewhere what each trap does - I couldn't form any strategy without knowing that. Sometimes, the bugs just stop moving for a while (and all those printings make the game much slower, too). I had fun for a little while, but this game feels a bit too incomplete, and the lack of knowledge about the towers doesn't help. Hope you have more time next time, and good job anyway.

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Maybe I'm just not good at tower defense, but I spent all my money and I couldn't kill a single bug!

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Sorry, didn't like this game. Feels very unnatural and visual feedback is almost none.

Looking forward to seeing your progress in the next PyWeek!

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At this stage the board action needs more interesting things to do.

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I prefer my tower defence where the enemies don't walk through the towers! Not bad for a first attempt though.

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Just a tower defense game. It is too unfinished. =(

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Please put the game inside a directory within the archive next time!

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Are there any differences between the kinds of traps?

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3 3 3 yes

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from gamelib import main
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import cocos
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