PyWeek - The Lost Feathers - feedback

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3 4 3


3 4 2

3 4 3

Congratulations on turning out an entry of this size that feels pretty complete! I thought the mechanic of attacking with Py was promising but the rest of the elements could have been designed to exploit it better, since it didn't seem to make much difference in the game. The 'magic' counter seemed to basically be a cooldown timer and so felt like it could have had a friendlier graphical representation.

A couple of things stood out as cracks in the otherwise decent polish - the behaviour of the character when you jump up into a solid ceiling, and the transitions between levels. Both of those could have benefitted from some extra attention. The rooms in block world felt quite samey and so navigating it was confusing enough to be frustrating.

4 4 3

The game was too difficult for me and I got lost in one part. I think it would be better if there was a way of continuing after you die instead of having to start the whole thing again.

2 3 2

I liked the graphics, especially the background on the first level made it nice. However, the second (block world) felt all too hard, and when I died it was game over for real.

2 3 2

Graphics and stuff was quite ok but it didn't last.

4 5 4

Really nicely polished platform game.

3 4 3

Nice amounts of polish and good level design for a platformer.

No real criticisms, aside from gameplay seeming a bit bland.

2 4 2

Too hard. No saves. Enemies take multiple hit but it takes a long time to recharge. Too many enemies lock on to your position so its not possible to jump over them. The gunner seems especially strange because of this behavior (because when you are on different platforms, it suggest movement like the snakes).

It seems like a there's a big world to explore but I couldn't because it was too hard.

Also has a funny bug when hitting the ceiling (a sudden "jump" downwards).

2 5 2


4 4 3

There is an annoying delay between starting a screen and being able to move. Since keystrokes during this time don't seem to register at all, I had a hard time surviving some screen. (Especially the one with the plant monsters on it.)

Perhaps I'm just not very good at platformers, but I didn't get past the entry to the second screen of the Arena or Blocks levels and thus did not complete the game. Maybe scattering some more health pickups would help.

I loved the backgrounds and the graphics in general. The music was well-chosen and certainly added to the mood.

3 4 2

I would liked better a more big window.

2 2 1

Control and arrow keys is a bad combination for mac!

4 4 4

At first it was frustrating that the duck is the one that shot and it might be behind me or below
me, but I got used to it, and it came in handy in the boss battle. Still didn't beat it, though, and
I didn't want to have play through the whole game again to get back. I had fun working out the
block world, though it wasn't as complex as it seemed at first.

The graphics and music you chose were definitely appropriate, but since you didn't make them,
a big part of your production score comes from how well integrated they were and how smoothly
the game ran, and there were a couple small glitches. At one point I fell into the ground and
couldn't move until I died. You also need to be sure you credit wherever you got all the artwork
from, and be sure that you have permission to use it. I know that the Lego backdrop is from Andrew
Lipson .

2 3 3

Sadly the music was hanging everytime I got to another sceen :/

3 4 3

Cute little platform game.

3 3 3


2 2 3 yes

i don't know why the game is not running...

1 2 1

Both versions suffered from the same problem - camera was not following the character fast enough. But it has graphics and even music, so I can't really grade in 1 in production.

3 4 3

Pretty good platforming game. I thought the environment looked amazing

4 3 3

Long pauses when switching between screens are annoying.

3 4 3

A neat little game, though I found the slow speed of spell casting to be annoying :(

4 4 2

Very pretty plattformer. If you add a few sound effects (and a story?) it will be even better. :-)

3 2 1

Classic platforming, but does not have the right feel. The levels are varied, but quite confusing. Does not run far with the theme.

4 4 3

Nice plataformer game. What I like most about it is the different enemies and it's animations.
I found the game a bit too difficult though.