PyWeek - Lightswitch - feedback

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4 4 5

This is a very clever idea and it's a great example of something simple and minimal that still
works very well. The picture effects and the fact that it gets lots of words right are pretty
cool! I also like that it is replayable with different rules, although I guess at some point the
rules start repeating. I wanted to see all of the rules, so maybe it would be better structured
as levels. Anyway, that's a minor digression, you made a really nice game!

3 3 5

Wow, really creative! An impressive array of words recognized, though of course it didn't get
everything. The secret rules could have used a little more variety. I especially found
plodding through the alphabet to be tiresome. But there's only so much you can do without
making them really obscure, I suppose. Since you have images of so many things, one idea that
might work well is to give an example of a green thing instead of a text hint. I had some fun not
even playing, just entering "A" repeatedly and seeing what images came up.

3 2 5

I dunno how you did it, but the word-to-image effect is very cool. I have no idea how I guessed the
five things right off the bat. Unfortunately without anything to cue, lead, or prompt me I
could only guess at words and see if an image comes up. It was fun while the novelty lasted. I hope
you decide to do more with this.

2 3 3

I have read the whole readme, but I'm missing the point of guessing random words linked with a
hidden abstract rule...

4 3 5

this game tested my knowledge of English, is very fun.

4 4 4

The idea is really cool, and the graphics and musics are nice. My only remark would be that any
word is accepted, even non-existing ones.

4 3 4

Fun, but the learning curve is "Hard to pick up, easy to master" so only fun for a little bit.

5 5 5

Great idea. Great game.

4 3 4

Refreshing new game idea. The drawings were not good, but funny :) The game did not check if the
entered words existed. You may look into using a wordlist / dictionary to only allow actual
words. The presentation of the images on the screen is very impressive. On the whole: good job!

3 4 5

Quite fun to play, good production values, nice, simple concept … tried two and found one
fairly easy, the other a bit hard. Needs to have multiple hints for when you get lots and lots of
wrong answers ...

4 4 5

This is a very interesting game concept and I was really amazed at all the words that had
drawings. I think that the first 15 words I put in there had an appropriate picture. I really
liked the visual effect of doing the drawings - it really felt like they were being drawn in
response to my typing. Really great idea - I'd like to see where this could go as a full game!

1 1 1 yes

julian@julian-laptop-QAT10:~/Downloads/pyweek19/pyweek-lightswitch-1.2$ python Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 329, in
game.Loop() File "", line 205, in Loop pygame.display.set_mode((WIDTH,
HEIGHT), pygame.OPENGL | pygame.DOUBLEBUF | pygame.HWSURFACE) pygame.error: Couldn't
find matching GLX visual

3 3 5

This was a really cool idea and I loved the dissonance, for example when I typed "granola" I got a
handgun. But for a surprising number of other things I typed I actually got a picture of that
thing. But I'm not totally sure what qualifies as a "good" and "bad" guess, because I got by on
some pretty gibberish guesses. Could use some feedback.

1 3 2

I could not figure out the theme and i spent a lot of time trying and the hints were not help full.

4 4 5

I LOVED this game. This is something that could be taken for modern art - I had a lot of fun trying
to figure out the patterns and throwing out random combinations of letters that would still
unlock the rooms. The drawings generated were a lot of fun. Very unique ideas going on in this
game. Nice work!