PyWeek - Latitude 3 - feedback

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very nice idea. good job

4 3 4

Cool game, the loose interpretation of "lawn" here makes the theme a bit more interesting I think.

My strategy of buying the entire countryside and then turning it into golf courses probably shouldn't have been regarded as a win though

also the window goes off screen on low resolutions - I had to change the position of the start button to play

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I like the cheesy retro music. Not my kind of game though.

3 2 3

Love the mod - nice and catchy, good choice for something you would be playing for a long time

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The concept is innovative, but the gameplay probably needs more specific actions and info.<br>

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Not much challenge going on here. Did you run out of time? (used version 1.0.4, it looked close
enough to the deadline, 1.0.5 is way past it). I liked the production efforts on this one.
Tractors building stuff rather than things magically popping up was a nice addition. =)

5 3 4

Enjoyed that, even if end game just consisted of me walking away from the computer and coming back once I had enough money to convert my land into park land. Game design is perfectly suited to being made in one week and it shows.

4 3 3

Nice game. Only thing I didn't like was that I always had to reselect a (smaller) area if I didn't
have enough money. Maybe you should first select what you want to build an then select the area.
Then you could prevent the player to select an area that's too large (not enough money)..
Anyway, I liked it (to my own surprise) ..

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Slow paced, but I persevered and completed it. Reminded me of Sim City - Good stuff. The music
was great.

1 1 1 yes

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Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Bus Error
MacOSX 10.4, PPC G4, ATI Radeon 9000 Pro

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3 3 3

Not too bad. Well polished. Just not much variety in the game.

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A well implemented, but shallow game in my opinion. The city expansion is nice, and I like how it noticed that I tried to barricade it :).

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1 4 2

=/ Not fun

3 2 2


2 2 4

Nice idea, but the fun lacked.

4 4 4

Favorite game so far!