PyWeek - kuri Games - feedback

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2 4 2

Well produced.

2 2 3

hard game

4 4 4

Not the kind of game that holds my interest for long, but as good as any I've played in the genre.

Up near the top of the game, way too many platforms spawn to make it feasible to get to the ground again. I managed a fairly respectable score by heading up at an angle until I'd used half my fuel, then maneuvering downwards burning the rest to avoid platforms and collect stars.

I really liked the control system. It makes sense, requires little effort and is still flexible enough to be interesting. Bravo.

4 3 4

so far the only entry i've seen that uses the verb "feather" instead of the literal noun. more of a controls prototype than a full game (as said in the postmortem) but the dual scoring mechanism (sky gold vs. safe landing) and the unique rotorpack keep the game interesting for longer than other entries that also have simple autogenerated gamefields.

4 4 3

Cute & fun game. Probably too many platfroms on the way down.

2 2 2

Ok game, but didn't last for long.

2 3 2

Very hard to steer the player. And maybe the blue boxes could have been made a bit more intereseting

3 3 4

It wasn't clear at first that the obstacles weren't glitches, since they came out of nowhere, but once I realized they were part of the game, it seemed okay. I'm normally pretty tolerant of rough collision detection, but when you're landing in this game, and you land on an obstacle you thought you were gonna miss, it's kind of frustrating.<p>I was fine with the controls, but I think they're probably easier with a game controller than a keyboard. I enjoyed this game, thanks!

2 3 3

Nice idea, but it felt quite incomplete :(

4 4 4

innovative and addictive game, with some care about graphics. not a hugelly brilliant game, but it's surelly in the right way.

2 2 3

controls seems too complicated.<br>
it needs more clean cut challenges, like,<br>
i. you must arrive to the big star<br>
ii. you can get fuel at certain positions in the map<br>
iii. there are some objects to avoid<br>

3 2 2

This game was a bit too short and the air currents rendered strangely. I still played a few rounds.

3 3 4

I would like to see some proper levels made

3 3 4

3 3 4

A bit unfinished (no real highscore, no music, etc.), but good. Esp. for a 15 hours game. ;-)

2 2 2

It is too hard to avoid the obstacles on the way down. The control scheme is challenging in itself. I think you should decide if you want the obstacles or the controls to be the bigger challenge and tone down the other a bit. And you need quite some reflexes to avoid the obstacles. Perhaps on the way up you could see the obstacles, and perhaps destroy those that you go through (though they would reduce your speed). This way you could "dig" yourself a path for the descent, but you would have double incentive against digging a straight path — you would want to collect gold, and you would like to avoid most of the obstacles so as to not waste fuel.

3 2 3

Not really much to say. I know time was limited on piman's side, but I'm not going to grade this based on what could have been as a result.

What's provided is a time-killing, Flash-game-like distraction, and it works well for what it is.

2 3 3

Someone needs to sue the designer of that jetpack. Four controls for two directions of movement is dangerously confusing!

2 3 3

Neat concept. Two thrusters was hard a bit hard to manage.

3 3 3

Nice simple flying game. I enjoyed the five-button control of the rotor pack. A pity that a small bug made getting back to the ground almost impossible.

3 3 2

Too bad she doesn't turn over, with this fan setup it should be easy.