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Felt too slow, but the idea seems sound to me. Could be developed further.

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interesting idea for a casual game, but without the ability to fast forward during the "play" phase it gets frustrating waiting for it to replay through the part of the string you've already tested out.

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Nice idea - needs a fast forward! :)

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I thought that this idea was quite unique and interesting. My biggest problem with it was the lack of a fast forward button. Had you implemented it, I would have enjoyed it much more, but I didn't have much patience to wait for the people to walk so I could see their paths, then go after them (depending on the later levels, that one feature possibly would have scored you an extra fun point because it would allow me to play faster). The idea is really neat even if I didn't have the patience to enjoy this properly.

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<p>Games of the kind "configure everything, press a button, and watch it go" tend to be a bit boring (unless the "watch it go" part is fun by itself, or you can pause and tweak).

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Didn't really have much fun, but it was a fairly unique idea, and had graphics and sound...

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A fast forward button would be highly appreciated.

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The gameplay wasn't too bad. I enjoyed it in spite of myself. But this game is way too sloooooow! Make it run about 5x faster. Especially when you first start a level, you have run and just watch for like a whole minute just to see where you're supposed to go.

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Too slow game

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I could not fully grasp the game itself.

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Trial and error seems to be the only strategy for this.

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editing was too hard and testing too slow.

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And the game was...?

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Good idea, made a little too tricky to be as much fun as it should be.

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Quite hard, but interesting concept

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Too slow.
Original idea, but seems too hard to come with an interesting gameplay.

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Very creative game! It's neat that there were two Atropos games, both of which were /very/ different. I liked your concept a lot, and the only thing holding me back was that it took so long for the simulations to play out. BTW, on the second level, while fiddling with my path, I deleted my last node, then added another one, and got this traceback: <pre>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 5, in <module>
File "/Users/clint/Desktop/7/kittens_v_owls/snip/src/", line 15, in main
state = state.tick()
File "/Users/clint/Desktop/7/kittens_v_owls/snip/src/", line 79, in tick
if segToRect((pos,self.path[-1]),b):
IndexError: list index out of range
Even so, it's a cool game. Thanks for sharing it with us -- it was refreshing!

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No way to plan enough to complete a level at once, as there is no information where the victims come from and when they will be where - further the stop button does not work correctly.

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The idea is nice but the game needs more development.. You probably already know that. Heh..

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Interesting idea, but I'm not sure it makes a game.

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I'm sure this is going to be the weirdest game mechanich I'll see in a while :D

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Interesting idea. Much too slow-paced for my tastes though.

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Full marks for mythology!

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A nice idea, but it results in a bit too much waiting. And if you didn't have to wait and could instead just fast forward it would be trial and error (albeit without the waiting since now it's trial and error with a bunch of waiting in between). The idea is pretty original though and good job on the waypoint system.

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Average graphics, not so cool sfxs. Didn't get the length of the string idea out.

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I got the game idea but it didn't quite work like i thought. Like you said, probably lacks some polishing. :)