PyWeek - Coffeedict - feedback

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3 5 3

Impressive production.

4 5 3

Nice, how did you get all this done in a week?

4 5 4

Very nice entry.

4 4 4

cute game. Some of the movement code is a bit buggy, which makes things a bit annoying.

3 4 3

Nice menus and story. Too bad the game was only two levels, would have liked to play more.

4 4 4

Really nice! a bit hard, and quite annoying that you have to restart from the beginning. But apart from that, nice game!

4 5 4

Very well done intro, and the whole game felt very polished (maybe the dialog was a bit long, next time maybe you could have placed some of it between the levels instead?). More levels and I also think that the moving bugs made it a bit hard / too focused on avoiding them, I would rather have liked some more involved puzzels.

3 4 4

The beetles were extremely annoying. Otherwise the game had promise!

2 3 4

My favorite part of this game was your core mechanic. I like how you combined problem solving with a little action. And really, if you've got a core, you can get away with lacking a lot of other things.<p>My least favorite part of this game was the dialog. It was way too long, nobody said anything important, it was all so vague, and I couldn't tell who was talking. I don't even know how many characters there were. Three? It didn't help that I couldn't tell the boys from the girls. That stream-of-consciousness stuff probably works well in anime montage monologues, but I need complete sentences.

2 4 3

I was very disappointed by the lack of levels. I also found the story quite annoying. The bits where I was actually playing the game were really good though.

2 3 3

Nice game, a bit hard to get into, but after you made the first level... ;)<br>
The intro is a bit too long, though

2 4 3

The presentation is great, but has nothing to do with the game :)<br>

3 5 4

Missing the file sfx/live_gain.wav so I randomly copied a file there. Extensive story, a lot of (new) graphics. Collision detection is a bit buggy especially when running. Great idea for a puzzle but the levels are a bit too easy and short for now. Would be better if there was a bit more contrast to see the numbers more easily. Hope to see this with all the levels someday.

2 5 4


4 5 2

Nothing to complain about, except maybe way too sweet storyline. :)

3 5 4

Very nice work! Thanks very much.

4 4 3

Cool game. I liked your use of sounds and music togheter!.

4 5 5

Shiny graphics, innovative combination of maths puzzles and light arcade game. Lots of fun to play. Cute little bugs to shoot.

4 4 4

well done

4 4 4

The menu graphics look great but I don't like the levels. I know you probably didn't have the
time to create the ingame graphics on your own, but they just don't fit with the (polished)
other game elements. The game itself is a lot of fun and innovative - very well done. But please
make sure that the enemies don't respawn right next to the character. X.X

2 4 4

Not as enjoyable as it should have been. Getting killed by bugs all the time when you're trying to think isn't any fun.

2 2 2

I have to say the prominently featured writing is very painful to read (inconsistent in style, consistently bad in grammar and spelling and full of clichés). It also has nothing to do with the gameplay which has nothing to do with feathers (okay, you shoot feathers to kill bugs, that is something that feathers are typically used for...). The basic gameplay idea is not bad, but not well implemented, and not well communicated (the player has to read the README to have some understanding of what's going on). I think you should have spent more time on the core game and less on the "fluff" (menu, story, scoring, etc). Shows promise though — with stronger direction you could do very well come next PyWeek! I bet it was a learning experience.

3 4 4

Although excessively short, what was provided had the potential to be something great.

The visual-novel style seems to be a unique way to wrap a game like this, and it's something I'd like to see more of. Its feel was pretty much perfect for setting the mood.

Unfortunately, production had to be knocked down a peg due to bugs related to Nozomi's environmental interaction: she got stuck on tiles far too easily and it was really hard to actually hit the bugs due to how collisions are detected.

3 5 3

Great story but I would have liked more levels

3 4 4

The only thing I didn't like was poor collision on bugs/feathers (and relatedly, spawning on top of bugs sometimes).

5 5 4

This is a really cool game. There are some movement bugs -- sometimes if you approach a square from slightly the wrong direction you can't get on, so it is difficult to move around smoothly. I like the mathematical puzzle concept. I hope this game gets polished and developed further!

4 4 4

I loved the art in the intro and ending. The in-game style was also great, but didn't quite seem to match. The music is also fantastic, and is playing in the background while I write this.

It seems to be quite easy to get stuck on the edge of a tile and not be able to move parallel to the edge. This is annoying when trying to run from a bug.

I managed to get myself stuck n the last level by activating "4/4/2", which turned off all the exits from the corner with "2*" in it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and would love to see more.

2 2 2

Great titlescreen + music, gameplay was a little boring but that might have been the annoying collision handling.

4 4 4

Some of the collision detection could have been smoother, but interesting game with nice

5 4 4

Pleasureful game, which can be undoubtly shining in the indie scene with some few polishing.