PyWeek - #knuckledraggers - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 3

I liked the attack system.

2 4 2

I like the ASCII art and the plot, but the game is really very simple. Also, I don't see how it fits
"The Aftermath" theme.

1 4 3

Really nice style. There's not a lot to the gameplay, of course, but the polish is pretty

3 4 3

small, text heavy game

3 3 3

Production was very limited, although ASCII art approach was interesting.

Gameplay was rather shallow, and could have used a bit of explanation, rather than the first
combat being trial and error.

Lack of variation hurts the fun score as well.

2 3 2

Very old school.

3 3 5

the game is not hard to play, I think the ascii art in this game is really great! I want to know how
the author creat these pictures!

2 4 2

The graphics are nice and consistent but the gameplay is very repetitive. The storyline is
nice and engaging. What is the link to the theme? The music fits well. On a side note, please bear
in mind that the red text printing should be turned off before release.

4 5 3

Super cool retro vibe to the game, really like the text-based adventure, liked the ascii
graphics styling, great music selection and cool story. Game control made me realize my
reflexes are pretty bad :) game finished in about 291 seconds! When I first loaded there were
tonnes of scenes with super pink (255,0,255) backgrounds… looked like a bug, given that I had
seen a screen shot that was clearly different: I changed line 15 of from
“self._sheet_file = self._sheet_file.convert_alpha()” to “self._sheet_file =
self._sheet_file.convert()” and this seemed to fix the problem. Running on osx 10.8, pygame
1.9. Another minor bug, when you press down on the first story screen (instead of space), game
crashes with: File "", line 234, in on_keydown,, AttributeError:
'DelphiState' object has no attribute 'menu'

2 3 4

Nice ascii art but it came to short on gameplay. I also miss some visual representations of the

3 3 3

Not really fun but the game is complete, i like a little bit the story. Short enough to be not

2 4 3

The gameplay is very dull; just a bunch of timing exercises. I like the effort put into the
graphics and the story, though.