Progress is slowing.. Still hoping to finish though!

Lunar Settlements Inc.

Lunar Settlements Inc.

Top-tier real-estate available on the Earth's major satellite at low low prices. Come whilst offer still stands!*

*Terms and Conditions apply


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Progress is slowing.. Still hoping to finish though!
john 2013/09/04 14:56
Adding in some art, working more on resources and construction
john 2013/09/02 11:46
Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 16.36.53.png
Pathfinding, buildings and resources all feature
john 2013/09/01 15:37

Diary Entries

Day 1 Progress

Probably some of the better progress I've made on day one of pyweek so far; also the first time that I've gone completely OOP in my game (I've used classes before now, but only with a healthy dose of structured code).

Features so far though:
  • Pathfinding - I coded this about an hour before the start, so I was able to remember how it worked to recode it fairly quickly once had pyweek started properly - without the broken heuristics I had before...
  • Workers Slightly randomise their path, so they don't always take the same route
  • Workers - they can't do a huge amount yet
  • Buildings - can be placed, and the pathfinding recognises them and doesn't allow movement through them
  • Resources - Just an outline so far to be honest
11 files so far, got into a habit from Java and really hard to let go of...Ah well, as long as progress is good. Screenshot below is from a bit earlier when I didn't have images:

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