PyWeek - Shundread - feedback

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3 3 3

Haha, I like it :D

2 2 2

Funny story, boring game.

3 3 3

Strange, but interesting interpretation of the theme. The battle was somewhat hard to follow at the beginning, but the diagram you made helped. It's an interesting mechanic, but I'm not sure it worked too well; it felt a bit random, most of the times I didn't know what card to use. Or maybe I'm just playing it wrong, I don't know. Either way, nice job.

3 4 2

The gameplay is too generic to be real interesting.

3 2 4

The graphics (on the map) were rather unpleasant and it seems as if winning the game relies primarily on luck, rather than TBS skills. But I like the scenario.

2 3 2

I liked the music, but the game was unplayable for me; I was unable to correctly control my units.

3 2 4

nice game but bad graphics and no readme

2 3 2

I got a KeyError: 'Wisdom' when I won, presumably because a dead guy needed to talk. Twas ok, but the combat was really pot luck, and just confusing due to the need to work out which dice did what. Did nicely highlight the absurdity of some of the stuff the ip lobby say and do though.

3 2 4

Nice idea to use a Star Craft like story board.

2 2 3

Extra points for pirates. Needs zombies.

3 3 3

Interesting theme -- makes you wonder whether you really want to win! * I like the character portraits.

3 4 5

<p>It took a little bit of getting used to, but it was kind of fun once I got the hang of it. A card-playing strategy game. You don't see many of those in pyweek.

<p>Loved the pirate graphic, and all of the funny quotes. "Right now there are hundreds of billions of people stealing content." Ah... I'm still laughing.

3 3 2


4 3 2

Haha, the real world quotes from IP protectionists made this game really funny to play, also the portraits. Gameplay wise not so innovative but worth playing anyway for a few laughs. The subject matter makes this game!

2 2 1 yes

Not much meat on it and even less lawn! (For lack of lawn I checked "disqualify".) Getting a card-based battle right is a difficult matter, but it's not bad here. It's simple and still needs a bit of thought. I think you could show the opponents cards face down, so that the player knows how many cards the opponent has. This would also make it clearer that power is in numbers! The portraits are great :).

2 3 4

3 2 4

Nice concept :)