PyWeek - ilseppia - feedback

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3 3 4

Great idea.

4 3 4

Really like the concept and enjoyed the challenge. Found it a little touch at first to coordinate both keys and mouse but got there in the end. Love the debug mode. Perhaps the debug should be on for the tutorial mode. Many thanks!

3 3 4

Interesting gameplay

3 3 5

This is definitely an interesting concept, I haven't seen a game like this before. It is a bit clumsy to direct the characters, but it's fun. I wasn't able to direct the characters well enough to have three people on one person, since I think they were catching each other. I think it still needs a bit more of playtesting and tweaking, since it's an unusual idea. Although I understand it's part of the game to make it difficult to control the characters, it feels frustrating when you can't have them do what you want or don't understand why they're not doing what you want, and I think that needs to be balanced a bit better. For example, better feedback would help (the person replying "ok!" or something when he gets the order). Another example is to make the hold rule clearer; I get confused as to how it works (who's holding who? Why did it let go?). Anyway, it could use tweaking to be more fun, but there's definitely something good here. Great work.

2 3 5

This was an interesting idea and something I don't think I've seen before. It was briefly fun but it was quite hard to get people to do what you wanted past the first level, when it got more complicated.

3 3 4

The mechanics of the game are quite complicated.

2 2 3

The central mechanic of giving voice instructions was interesting. Not a bad effort -- mostly the game play needed a little polishing and fleshing out.

3 4 4

nice game concept, difficult to play

3 3 4

Interesting mechanic, although the interface wasn't ideal.

3 3 3

A pretty basic game, but fairly well executed. I found the control system a little tricky to begin with (I kept getting confused between the voice direction and the command direction), but got used to it fairly quickly. Didn't manage to get past level 2, though, because herding all three of the others around was more than I could manage.

2 2 3

Charming idea, but the controls are very difficult to master.

2 2 2

Control system feels very awkward. By the time I've figured out how to give the command I want to give, the situation has changed.

4 4 5

Not much to add - good work!

2 4 2

hard to play

1 2 4

Couldn't really get into it.

3 2 5

Very interesting idea but in the end more frustrating than fun to play. Better
controls might have helped, but I'm not sure.

I found the lack of sound effects (other than background noise) surprising for a
game about sound.

4 5 5

Wonderfull concept!

3 4 4

It's a bit complicated to coordinate the voice direction and player movement but it was ok with debug mode. Very neat idea and nicely done graphics, too.

2 2 3

Not the worst game I've played but it feels like the controls could be more intuitive. Perhaps make the character go the same vector as the vector from the player to them. Then you could increase the pace a little.

2 2 4

I think it's a very innovative game. The take on tag is interesting. It's certainly something I've never seen before. I found it a bit too hard, I think. Level 1 was doable, but Level 2 was impossible. I think it should be much easier. Davide moves too slowly, and his commands are too unreliable, and the other kids unfreeze much too quickly. I could never get all 3 of them in the same place at the same time!

1 2 4

Innovative and has good background audio. But it's missing any other form of production, and the gameplay is lacking in fun.