PyWeek - Hopeless Opus the Third - feedback

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3 4 4

I feel like I'm playing an alien game. Oh wait, I am. :)

This is great work for a 1-day game, it looks very nice. I had no idea what was going on. Had to look
at the spoiler file. I like the idea of "encoding" a Texas Hold'em game, but the idea itself felt
just like flavor, since you can decode most of it pretty quickly. On the other hand, I decided to
treat it as a standard Texas Hold'em game and that was pretty fun. Those aliens are kind of
cowards, they fold all the time. :) The game crashed at a point, but I was winning.

2 2 3

Strong points are the sounds haha, I like those. I am not sure about the gameplay itself. My best
was playing one card(?) and then the CPU would do something and I'd lose.

2 3 3

The idea of having to decipher the game was interesting, but it seems that once the mapping of
buttons and cards was worked out once, it was basically just standard poker, which made this
not that much fun.

3 3 3

As best as I can tell, it's Texas Hold'em, right? Well, I like the idea a lot, but the
implementation design doesn't really allow you to make deductions. You never see what the
other players' cards were, so you can't really learn the rules. There is some strategy in
figuring out what the buttons do. I understand you were short on time, of course, so what is
there is pretty good. I'm glad you decided to enter!

2 2 3

The alien setting is a good idea to cover for the confusing game :).

2 4 3

just clicking and seeing what happens is not that fun... after reading the spoilers.txt it may
be more playable

2 3 3

Texas Hold 'Em?

2 2 3

Concept looks interesting. Would have been advisable to have an option to select a lower
screen dimension for systems with smaller displays.

1 2 4

I couldn't tell what parts of the game are the interface at first. No idea what was happening and
why. Even when I read that it's just poker it didn't help much (I only ever played strip

1 2 3

Very random and very funny, great concept, but extremely difficult to play … without the
backstory I would have been left thinking this was not a working game. Nice music.

3 3 5

This game is insane but I kinda like it. I love the idea and the music / sound / graphics really fit
well with the overall concept. It is very impressive for just a day. I had no idea what was going
on in the game but I'm guessing some kind of blackjack. A few more hints to help starting to
decode some part of the game would be useful I think but overall quite a successful little
mindbending puzzle!

1 3 3

Until I read spoiler.txt, I just felt completely lost, and that feeling is not fun. There's no
direction given to the player.