PyWeek - Hopeless Opus 5 - feedback

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4 4 4

This was funny. I particularly liked the ticker lines and the options menu (who needs
options?). It's also well polished: the interface and text effects are nice and the interview
graphics are well made.

In terms of design, I think a fundamental issue is that it was hard to look at both screens at the
same time. I wanted to see the clever ticker text, but I had to focus on the game. :/ I ended up
giving up and looking at the code to see the text. It would definitely be better if the entire
dialogue was spoken so I didn't have to keep looking up and down.

Finally, I wish there was a bit more to the gameplay, but I understand that you decided to focus
more on the humor. Nice work!

4 4 4

This is a pretty cool game. I like how the gameplay is the visualization of the character's
interview performance. The graphics are also very nice. My one issue with the game is
controls. You don't jump on press of the spacebar, only on release, which took some getting
used to. It also makes your jumps not very responsive. I also am not a fan of how the controls are
mapped (I think W/S or Up/Down would have been nice) but that's less of an issue. Great job!

2 4 4

I didn't get the message of the question (was distracted by looking down), then it was a bit
boring to just dogdge everything, maybe it would be more interesting to decide to take
somthing or dodge, depending what it was it could change the game direction.

3 4 5

You all missed out on my favorite part of this pyweek - having an excuse to tune out for a week.
Great job, I thoroughly enjoyed all the humor you worked into it. Also, nice undulating text.

1 4 4

should jump higher

3 5 4

I couldn't get the OS app to work in osx 10.8, but got the source distribution running. Cool,
funny use of the theme. I liked the graphics and music, and I really liked the little voice overs
... good for a laugh!

3 3 4

I applaud your attempt to satirise the US political situation - which was done very well - but I
felt the game itself was a little basic and repetitive.

1 1 1 yes

Gave up. Failed to install Fyson.

5 5 4

The gameplay is simple, but the concept and realisation are really good.

3 3 4

Talkin' heads ducking and hurdling the troof bombs. They are not very good at it. Ouch. :D

3 4 4

Nice entry. A little more gameplay variety would have been nice, maybe some powerups or a speed
change, or some difference between the two characters. I like a lot of the small touches you put
in, like putting a joke on the options screen instead of taking it out.

4 4 4

Nice set of evil choices you gave us. Great level of humor. It would be nice to not have to wait so
long after failing to start jumping and ducking again.

2 4 3

Game wasn't really fun. A little fun, probably the most obvious target of the expression "the
lesser of two evils" - but kind of a gap between the game and the context...