PyWeek - Super Effective 12 - feedback

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4 4 4

Interesting, different game. Really rather enjoyed it.

4 4 4

Fun concept, and nicely implemented. I found the controls tricky on a laptop,
but that's a minor quibble.

4 4 4

Awesome. The only thing I didn't like was how hard it was to aim.

4 4 5

Great concept. Will definitely come back and play this more.

2 4 3


5 4 4

Well polished and quite fun/addictive. Awesome interpretation of the theme!

4 3 4

Great fun, and simple but slick. I'd have preferred full two-stick control to the lock/strafe

3 4 4

I'm only going into detail here because I heard more than one member of your team say how pleased
you were with the performance of this game, but I'm sorry, I just don't see it. My computer isn't
top of the line, but the game is soooo slow. I kept track because my experience seemed so
different from yours: I played through Very Hard and it took 24 minutes. If there hadn't been
any slowdown, it would have taken around 9x50s = 7m30s. The "45 seconds" of wave 9 alone took
3m15s, which is 4.6x realtime. I'm sure you put some innovation into speeding things up, but
I'm saying you needed more, or failing that, a mode that's challenging while still being fast
on slow computers. Maybe fewer, smarter enemies. I found the gameplay to be repetitive. There
are probably hidden subtleties to uncover, but at 24 minutes for a single playthrough, I'm not
going to invest the time to find them. Unfortunately the best strategy I found involved a lot of
sitting in one place for 2-3 minutes firing in the same direction, then picking a different
place and doing it over again. I thought the playback mechanism and the use of the theme were
fine. I do appreciate that you put some variety into the enemies, and the AI is good enough. The
maze is well thought out, as is the sequencing of enemies appearing.

4 5 4

The replay element was superb. The production was exceptional. Initially I got worried the size of the sprites, but the deviation of bullets was good one and it was enjoyable to play. Fun factor was there.

4 4 4

Nice work!

2 2 2 yes

Did not follow the theme of the challenge

4 5 3

this game is very good

5 5 5

Really good fun, and a fantastic time travel twist.

2 3 4

A very interesting idea, but I found it frustrating to play because the control scheme makes it very hard to move and aim precisely.

3 3 4

A cute idea, but on the other hand, very repetitive gameplay.

4 5 4

I think I'm too conditioned to SHOOT THE CORE to do too well at this one.

5 5 5

This is an awesome game and really deserves to win pyweek, it ran straight away no messing around, it looks pretty, its addictive and fun, only downside is the learning curve to the controls. but still an amazing job for a week

5 3 4

I loved the gimmick. Perfect use of the theme.

2 2 2

It's very difficult to choose the good way with keyboard arrows.

4 4 3

+ actually very fun to play
+ not-totally-random AI
+ well designed
- a little difficult to manouver

5 5 5

i can't resist saying i really loved this game! i wish seeing more games here in
contest as good as this! i respect all the effort on people posting games here, but only with
games as good as this we can catch attention from people from LudumDare and the whole indie game
scene! this team deserves ovations!

4 4 4

Nice work! Been playing for ages!

4 3 5

Super Hectic, but its still repetitive wouldn't play this game more than once.

5 4 5

Brilliant idea. The core gameplay aspect is perfect, because my immediate goal of defending
the core for this wave is competing with my eventual goal of having good echoes for later waves.
It's nice that you don't make me start over if I fail a wave. It is a little bit difficult to aim
when next to walls. With some practice it gets easier, but not much. I don't really have a
solution to this problem - the "holding fire locks direction" is pretty good. I lol'd at
"...retro graphics incorporating several of your favourite geometric shapes.." Well done!
You get a top score from me.