PyWeek - HoleInTheHeadStudios-1.9 - feedback

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Need to work on them graphics.

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Woot this is a really fun game! I enjoyed the risk type aspects of it, and I really enjoyed the randomly generated armies! It was strangely addictive :)

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You win.

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The risk design caught me and i played several levels in a row. It's one of not that many games, that were really fun and this is hard for one week. But the problem is, that i haven't finish a level because after some time the game crashed. And congratiulations to the ai!

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Great job on the game! It had a very intuitive control interface, and it was a joy to play. I played it three times before I finally beat it, and it was very challenging and satisfying. Very good job! The AI is well-balanced, and I'm impressed with how good of a job they do at keeping things interesting. I'm sorry you didn't get intarweb multiplayer working like you had hoped, but I know that you had it in the pipe, and I'm still impressed nonetheless. Great job on the game! It was well designed, well implemented, and overall, a job well done.

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It would been funnier if it showed what happened in each attack. Anyway, it's just another Risk game.

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Pretty good, really. Would be nice to be able to see a count of how many units are in each area - sometimes it's hard to count the robots. Could use some tweaking, and some prettying-up. Use pyglet and you could have the window dynamically resizable, which would've been nice. Not sure why there's such a huge chunk of the bottom bit taken over by black.

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I couldn't zoom because I don't have a scroll wheel, which made it more awkward to play that it should have been.

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it's pretty anoying to have to wait through all the attack sound effects every time.

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Nice lofi look and cool music for a risk like game. Cool that you guys figured out the AI pretty good (it trounced me!). I was a bit frustrated with the interface (no scroll wheel, and i couldn't figure out how to limit the troops i transferred). All in all, i think i spent more time on this game than most, but perhaps because i enjoy risk style games. Nice job!

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Nice to spend some minutes on; not very different from Tenés Empanadas Graciela or tradicional TEG.

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always liked those risk-type games, but where are the robots?<br>
also, there is some delay of 4~ second every fight

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Nice but I always lost. :-(

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where's the robot here?

3 2 1

Robo-risk. I did play all the way to end of a game, so something must be right.

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A nice tabletop-like TBS game. Not much use of theme. But had fun playing a game of it

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Teg?, mmm I do not understand the game

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I don´t understand anithig!

It´s a game?

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it's a game?

4 2 2

Risk with robots, still fun though :)

5 2 3

Love the game, although the 'sit and listen to fighting sounds' addition kind of sucks. Spruce up the graphics and make it more clear what the capitols and factories or whatever do. Also, it would be nice to be able to move SOME of the troops instead of just all. Still, awesome game.

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'Twas awesome. AI was quite good; I had to play as two players to beat the AI. Music was awesome,
and the graphics were great too. Maybe my favorite game with pyweek.

2 2 2

Couldn't figure out how to play.

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I'm not really in to strategy games but this one is simple enough to be fun. ;)

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It is like TEG. It is not really related to Robot

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It's not pretty to look at, and network play never made it, but it's still a lot of fun and the ai is very good. Strategy seems well balanced.

2 2 2

The music was nice. I was rather interested in playing this game, but the disgustingly long load times for doing anything make it unplayable.

3 3 3

Not bad-- will you work further on this?