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3 4 4

A bit too confusing to start in.

4 5 5

Great start for a week-long game. I would like to see this finished.

2 3 3

even after reading the instructions posted to the diary i was confused on how to play. the user interface was unintuitive and i didn't understand if i had to keep going to string islands to get more string, which the computer seemed to be doing. with better instructions and a more consistent UI and gameplay (i still have no idea how i get more string) this might be a good game but right now it's pretty hard to tell.

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I didn't quite get the interface. Would've probably been a lot better if I actually knew how to control this thing. :(
Pretty nice graphics.

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I wish you had put the instructions somewhere in the game or the readme. Due to the lack of instructions, my first impression of the game wasn't good, because I just didn't know what to do. Eventually, I figured out how to build territories and ships, but that was it. Then I looked at the Pyweek site and saw your post, and it helped me a bit, but I had further problems. It's possible I didn't understand the game very well, since the AI seemed to do ok, but my recovery of string was so slow I couldn't do anything. I really liked the idea and the concept, it's a bit crazy in a good way, that definitely is an interesting use of resource in a strategy game. I know it's just a demo, but it's too bad I wasn't able to enjoy it, maybe if I understood it better it would have been more fun. It definitely has the potential to be fun, but I would need to know better what to do. Graphics are good, by the way.

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<p>The idea looks nice, but I couldn't find a way to collect resources (tried playing a bit, read the readme, read the messages, read the googlecode wiki, and no luck)

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Pretty, but I didn't really "get" the game, I think.

4 4 4

This one was very promising, with a little more work it might be a really cool game!

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I think you need more documentation or something, because I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I got most of the territory on the map and had plenty of resources, but what do I do with the ships? The computer seems to move ships around in a little square. What's the point of that? I tried building lots of Flying Dutchmen and attacking their ships, but they get captured so much they do as much harm as good. So I couldn't figure out how to win.

3 5 4

Great job this year, guys! I always enjoy your entries, and I was disappointed you didn't get as finished as you wanted to be (at least you didn't attempt networked multiplayer this year ;) ). Even so, I was impressed with everything that was here -- I really liked the way that islands were given unique pirate-y names -- that was fantastic. :) I also liked the smooth movement and the simple-but-rich gameplay of the world, resources, and ships. I wasn't able to figure out why I gained resources so much slower than the enemy -- do you have to shuttle supplies with ships? If so, I wasn't ever able to fill my hold with anything from my subservient islands -- I was a bit lost on that, and after a few games I always wound up getting quickly overtaken by the enemy. Even so, I had fun with what I got to play with, and it looked and behaved beautifully. Sorry you didn't finish, but you did a lot to be proud of!

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Of RPG Genre. Would require a very patient game play.

2 3 3

Promising game there, matey -- needs a bit more work to get it ship shape.

2 3 3

i didnt understand the gameplay.

2 3 1

To difficult to get into the game

2 3 3

Hmm didnt find it very fun - nothing seems to happen, it looks like it should be exciting though
and plus points for piratyness :)

1 1 1

A marvelous game... if only I had a clue about playing it :(

We're supposed to read your mind? Come on!

3 3 4

I think I really would have liked this game more if I could figure out what to do!

4 3 4

OOHHOO, It is a sea.

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The concept is intriguing but you definitely need some more in-game instructions. ;)

2 2 3

I liked where it was going, but it definitely feels incomplete. I didn't know what good moving ships around would do, and was never able to destroy enemy bases. I think in general, it needs more user feedback and hints about what to do next. The biggest graphics issue is that the images stack on top of each other and get obscured. It was definitely rewarding enough that I wanted to explore and play through many rounds, but eventually I realized I couldn't get any closure besides sinking ships.

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The theme is fun and the game has potential as I see it - but the fun factor just isn't there yet.

3 4 3

plasing graphics
smooth scroll

too slow the initial buildup of resources.
no IA atack ?

3 4 3


2 2 3

Very confusing - not at all sure what I was supposed to be doing.

2 3 3

Seems like a nice idea, but it's not too intuitive.

4 5 5

Aw man. This game has such a great look on it. I don't know.. somehow i would've liked it more if the ships could just wander around freely but i know it's got more to do with the theme now.

4 2 3

Looks fun, but I can't figure out how to play.

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This might be a good game if it was at all clear what to do. The only instruction is a single line in the README.

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cool sfx and graphics.

3 4 4

Interesting game but still needs work.