A grim dawns on Liobam Aquarium



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*throws toys*

officially DNF.

feel free to grief me :-)

and good luck everyone.

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wobble factor 17

so where we left our explorers, we had started kicking into the depths of the code while listening to tunes(LOOPING SO HARD!) we made all on our own...

turns out that what happened there is actually TOTALLYY totally worth it! since now i don't have to change the project status from solo to team entry.

i've always worked much better alone, everyone in school agreed with me on that, they'd always say "you're much smarter when you work on your own, so we'll just go make our own teams" and i'd be all..
you know.. thanks guys that's really thoughtful of you.
so anyway after the problems with the sounds i went and talked to my neighbour about it cause he is a really really smart guy and he was in the army and everything.  he has a pretty wicked good taste in music,... cause they listen to a lot of tunes when they're over there smacking on those guys you know, so i got him to listen to my game track and he was pretty excited but also said maybe it would be better without the vocals at all. 

so yeah i spent a quarter of my day trimming out the vocals and i did an ok job but because i hadn't saved it as different tracks i had to kind of hack it out of the file and theres still some little bits that sound kinda like groans or soemthing but i don't think that will be that bad really.

jello killah groanahhhhh!!!!

could be real zombie as mad?
the sighting system is pretty sweet i think, i based it on what my neighbour said it was like using sniper rifles before he got his arm blown off (man i don't feel too bad about screwing up the vocals cause at least i have two arms lolololhah).

and and and THIS IS PRETTY EXCITING i got the first wobble working. WE HAVE WOBBLE. 

WE HAVE WOBBLLEE!!!!!!!!!now i just need to work on the sixteen other wobble types i'm going to implement, but i think now the first one is done it should be easy to do the rest.

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End of Day 2

what a start! 

first things first - i am so excited that the theme is WIBBLY-WOBBLY!!!!1!!, it really makes me appreciate the quality of the pyweek community, and just how tasteful they are.  i was hoping so bad that it would be Wibbly-Wobbly (can you believe i went through four dozen eggs researching my game idea over the last couple of weeks?!). you guys are fricking amazing!

so yeah, i started fast and hard, got a whole bunch of my initial physics going how i wanted.  i think the feel when you accelerate is going to be really something special, you know, like SO HOTT.  i reckon the biggest challenge for me is going to be getting the goo the right texture without making everything really slow. i've got some ideas though (not telling til after!).

but! but! it hasn't all been easy as py(LOLOL)...i wanted to get the soundtrack laid down first, you know, so i could listen to it on loop while writing the rest of the game, get myself in the ZONE. but i guess i made a pretty noob mistake. i thought you know, this guy i'd been talking to was as excited as i was, and he'd agreed to do the vocals on the headline anthem track for me, and it was gonna be awesome.  so we set up a time with a friend from school who has a pretty f#$%^&*! wicked band setup (he's got like sixteen different wah wah pedals!!!) and i was there and the guy from school was all so what are you recording and i told him a bit about the game and suffice to say he is pretty excited.

anyway... i had some sound problems, and that didn't work out at all.

i ended up recording the vocals myself, and i don't think i did too bad a job. it's a bit rough in places, but i think all my practice over the last few weeks in the shower has paid off pretty well.  my mom used to tell me i could be a singer in a like totally huge band if i felt like it but i so can't be bothered with all those people that would be wanting to hassle me all the time you know.

anyway, i'm working on the physics, got my anthem track on loop, and we're back on track. BACK ON TRACK. i shaved half my beard so i've got the right 'ON THE WIBBLE WOBBLE' feel as i go, it is pretty awesomely lopsided as.