PyWeek - improbable productions - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 5 3

The game is very polished but isn't too much fun.

3 4 2

It looks quite good! The gameplay is shallow (what's different about the three weapons?) and
movement is a bit slow, or somehow lacks fluidity. The main menu is awesome!

3 4 3

It looks really good, plus this flashlight effect is pretty cool. Too bad there is no way to
actually win (or maybe I missed it?)

3 4 4

This was a good concept, the hit boxes are a little wide... Everything seemed to work well, I
tried to press p to pause and I got a crash, it looks like it couldn't open a file for writing a
screenshot (I was just trying to pause). Nice spooky game theme for October :)

3 4 3

Best score 1115. Looked good, nice lighting.

4 4 4

A very intense and fun game to play.

3 4 3

I loved being able to kill spiders and not have to worry about spider guts.

3 4 3

Really nice visuals and music. They all work together to create a nice feel to the game. Motion
and animation work really well and run very smoothly. The different weapons were a nice touch
although it seemed like the sword was just the best - do you get power ups later?

3 3 2

Good visuals, use of LPC sprites/characters. Pretty basic concept, a bit difficult, a bit
frustratingly hard to stay alive. Not sure what the final objective is.

4 4 4

Nice game! The base idea is interesting, because you have to quickly charge spiders, but
touching one happens quickly when the jauge is low! Graphics and sounds are quite good, and the
light effect is cool.

2 4 3

This is a decent idea and a fairly decent implementation, but the game felt really rough. I
didn't find any of the weapons other than the sword to be useful, and I couldn't see any
particular way to race against the timer; it seems all I was doing was hoping there was a spider
nearby to kill.

3 4 2

Really cool game fun to play pretty cool. Good job!

2 4 2

The very first thing I noticed was the fascinating menu screen - excellent foreshadowing with
the lighting. Also, the music is a nice touch. Alas, the actual game itself was a bit mediocre,
even with the mere week of production time.

Since it is an unwinnable game, it should be expected that the time spent not feel like it's
being wasted because of something out of the player's control. In other words, the player
should be allowed to strategize and try their best to last as long as possible. The game didn't
feel too hard considering - it didn't punish the player with unreasonable difficulty - but
with spiders spawning randomly I felt there was little strategy I could employ besides walk,
strike, grab torch, walk, strike, grab torch... this is where the game fell short. I didn't
feel like I was doing anything clever to help myself last longer. It didn't feel rewarding.

STILL! It is worth mentioning that the game feels well structured with every other aspect. The
GUI is good, the controls feel alright, the artwork is pretty great, and the music is great too.
I just wish the actual game itself was a bit more memorable.