PyWeek - Assembly Line - feedback

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Couldn't get it to work.

4 2 3

I find it hard to consider this a game. It needs an objective, I don't feel driven to acheive anything. Also there are a number of issues, my EyePod didn't work but it did look right... :-(

3 3 3

An alright game. The controls felt quite cumbersome, and, while some aspects of the idea were novel (the pixel mixing was fun), the idea itself is quite standard, and was actually discussed quite a bit on IRC before the competition. I found everything to be a bit too limiting, which, with the control problems limits the scores.

3 2 4

i like this kind of games, but they are so difficult to make. First, you need a tutorial, i built several factories just trying to figure out how things work. then, when i figured out how to build the frisbees, i just didnt want to continue because it was too much work. nice game anyhow. you need better editing capabilities.

4 4 5

WOW! Very nice game! I was able to produce the Phunky Phrisbee without looking at the tutorial, but I did need the tutorial for the hammer. Nicely done! I really liked the flexibility of the game.<br><br>
I couldn't figure out how to get the punch to make a hole in an arbitrary location on a part (such as how to punch out the dial for EyePod, or the holes for the OvumOrganizer. I think I could have still created those things with a complicated set of attachments and whatnot, but one thing I wasn't able to get was the HeadHandle -- I could create it rotated 90 degrees, but not in the orientation of the picture. This was due to the limitation of the punch machine, where it only has a vertical offset and not a horizontal offset as well. I looked through the save files, but couldn't see anything that showed how to create those later products, though perhaps you just didn't get that far.<br><br>
Even so, it was a really great game! I would have a lot of fun with this once it got a bit more developed. If there were shortcuts to the different machinery types on the factory floor screen, that would *greatly* simplify the building process -- it's a really fun game, the interface just needs some more shortcuts, because otherwise it takes forever to do setup. Even so, I love the detail that it gives you, especially with ordering raw materials (and even typing in the material numbers) and having it come in standard sizes that you have to make do with -- it's just great. I love how you have access to the waste also, so that you can use either the positive or negative material, and possibly save some of it for later assemblies.<br><br>
All told, really good job on the game! I'm super impressed with it, and I really like the innovation that you guys put into this. Great job! You really captured the neat aspects of product development, and turning something from raw materials into a finished product, and seeing it pay off economically. Very very well done!

3 4 4

At first i was strucked by the options and the possibilities and when i saw the manual it was quite a motivation thing to work it through but it was worth it. As i managed the details, playing the game was quite fun.

Nice puzzle game. I like the idea of putting together an production path for the several products.

You have done a great job with the faactory machines. The menus are a bit simplistic but that is compensated by the rest.

Complex, well made and great

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Too complex to try it in 10 minutes... couldn't just play it

2 3 2

Well, the game was to complex or slow or something for me to truly appreciate it. And you need to work on the tutorial...

3 4 5

Put this one off for a long time, due to the learning curve. After working through the tutorial, I absolutely loved the concept, but felt a little lost as far as the actual game is concerned. Once I have my factory set up, it seems there is not much point to mess with it, just wait for the money to grow. There needs to be more goals or things to change it up after the initial factory has been set up. So the design mode is great, the gameplay after that is missing.

2 2 3


1 2 2

Is boring

2 2 4

Nice idea, but the execution leaves something to be desired. The interface is clunky and confusing, there's very little feedback that things are going right, and there doesn't seem to be much to aim for. I do really like the idea though, but as it stands there isn't much game to support that idea.

3 3 3

Would like to have some sort of instructions.
Sound would be nice too :)

2 4 4

I feel like everything in this game is way too complicated. Even after doing the tutorial, it
took me 20 minutes to lay out the factory to do one product and the payoff wasn't worth it. Maybe
pixel-perfect alignment is too much of a chore for me to enjoy. Very thorough job, though!

1 3 3 yes

Did the frisbee-making tutorial, then tried to do the next one, but whatever I did got the message "supply hopper is not fully configured." Went back and tried to do the frisbees again, got the same problem, even after restarting the game! Eventually gave up in frustration.

3 3 5

I think this game is very innovative. There could be so much more to it and I think you know this very well! In any case, this game is exceptionally well made given the time constraints (and for a solo entry too). Good job!

1 2 1

I dont like it!

1 2 1 yes

The game don´t work, but i don´t know why! I am a graphic artist.

3 2 4

good concept and fairly well executed. Sound of course could enhance things.

Having a tutorial was a great idea, but you should mention it in the README.txt so it doesn't get missed.

The one thing I found anoying was the switching back and forth from the machines screen to the factory floor when building machines. I'm not sure how to make this a better user experience, but I think it could be improved upon.

2 3 4

Not my kind of game (boring designing and retrying all the shapes, and waiting to get money to do things). But seems a solid idea and well implemented

4 4 5

good game

2 3 3

The idea of pixel-arting the gameplay itself is quite nice, but too bad that the game doesn't go
much after the tutorial, and you can't really do all the items (i tried several times, and after
a few times that the game crashed, i gave up).

also, the game crashed several times, one of them being after setting the first machine to 0
part per hour, and running.

2 2 5

Great idea, with all this stuff and machinery. But not a single sound effect, leave alone music.
And bad UI impacts the fun.

4 4 4

Great fun. I'd like to see you guys make the interface a little easier to use (machines and factory on same page would be nice, as well as vertical conveyor belts, and a bigger factory floor), and extend the gameplay a little bit. Has great potential as a real game. Good job!

3 3 4

Funny idea. I miss some sound and music and somehow the game isn't really fun (yet). It seems that you can't do much except buying more machines and watching your income rise.

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There is no Numeric version available for Python 2.5, so I tried it with the actual NumPy; still no success... Your game looked promising (from the tutorial) and I would like have tested it!

3 3 4

Wow, another complex game from you! This one again has had considerable thought put into it. I think with some improvements to user interface (switching pages to set up the factory feels clunky) would help, but otherwise this is a great educational game.

1 1 1

I don't understand the game. It doesn't have instructions...

4 3 5

This game has a *very* steep learning curve, but I do find it fascinating

2 3 3

Couldn't figure out what to do ...

4 5 5

This game is extremely interesting, surprising and very robust.