PyWeek - PROBE - feedback

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2 3 4

A strange game. I couldn't seem to get my probe to actually go anywhere. :-/ It seemed like nothing happened after launch. Maybe I was doing something wrong, in which case maybe there should be some sort of tutorial or something to help new players out.

2 3 3

Interesting idea, but rather clunky to play.

1 3 3

It is good simulator of space exploration. I admire it.

1 3 2

although you did make a good readme, the overall game is too complicated to be fun. it could be a good science teacher but not too much as a game.

1 4 3

Couldn't get off the ground. I seemed to be following the manual, but nothing worked. Seems more like a simulation than a game.

Looks good though...

3 4 3

Perhaps a little too hardcore simulation for me, I never really got into the game - especially
the very beginning could be eased with preset flight plans or something like that. The
graphical style fits the theme perfectly though.

4 3 4

I will definitely play this game again!
Keep up the good work!

2 3 4

The game is very unique within the pyweek entries, but I didn't find it very fun.

3 4 4

Interesting idea, but somewhat monotonous at the moment. With more build options, this could prove quite addictive.

2 4 4

Nice game, but a bit difficult.

3 4 4

awfully tricky to get a probe near a planet.

2 3 3

It's great that you aimed for realism, but the learning curve seems pretty steep. I read the README.txt and still can't understand how to play. I like the idea, though.

2 3 4

Seems interesting, but it needs a tutorial. I triggered a bug where I couldn't launch, but I couldn't build a new vehicle, because the previous vehicle had not launched.

Also, not all of the text fit in the windows, so I couldn't read all of the messages.

2 5 4

This is a very clean designed entry, with a positive learning element. Unfortunately, the instructions are lacking and the gameplay is a little stale. It is not clear how to really do anything productive from the instructions or gameplay, and even following the instructions in the Readme file didn't lead anywhere.

Assuming there was some tutorial and step-by-step instructions this would be an awesome educational game I would be proud to see astronomy kids playing for example.

4 4 5

It's a little hard to get into the game but it has loads of potential. Something to ease the planning calculations is definitely needed (or rather: some explanations on how to do that -just for those who have no idea where to start (=me)), but even now the game's intruiguing and will stay on my hard-disk until I figured it all out. :)

2 1 4

I think the idea was great, but the game was poor execution.

2 5 4

Wow! Looks incredible! It looks extremely polished and the entire package is very creative and impressive. The graphics are fantastic

1 4 3

Could not for the life of me figure out how I was supposed to play this "game" or what the point even was. I think you focused too much on realism (which made me inclined to give you a slightly better production score) and not enough on gameplay (which made me inclined to lessen the fun score).

1 3 4

you can launch without signing orders, and you will lanch nothing! and then you cant launch the real ship. i tried doing something with the game, all i could do is ONCE launch a ship went into the sun. the, they just crashed on land. every time i wanted to try again i had to reabuid another ship. its was long and boring. nice idea, but the gameplay does not feel done.

3 4 4

Wow, you usually don't need rocket science to play games, especially not one-week games.. But here you do (or at least that is the feeling at first :)
+ The game capture the "rocket science" feeling very well.
- The game speed control is hard to see.
- Some more in-game help (Now you have to sit with the readme open) and a couple of more objects to put on the probe whould not have hurt.

2 3 3

Sorry, just too confusing.

1 4 4

Nice effort on the production. Really not my kind of game, though. =(

2 2 4

I love the concept for this game. I like the graphics as well; simple but effective and nicely designed. One feels one is in doing spacey stuff in mission control.

Unfortunately it is quite hard to actually make it anywhere. I have to juggle numbers without visual indication of where I'm launching. Course corrections don't seem to have any effect whatsoever - not even reducing the amount of onboard fuel. I realize space travel is difficult, but in the interests of game play perhaps it should be made a bit more easy.

I tried to launch a few craft, but waiting until the craft arrived anywhere took quite a long time, and then I missed. I tried relaunching but the game crashed saying I already used that launch vehicle - a bug, I think, perhaps because I didn't rebuild the vehicle.

I tried following the tip to make it to the planet Emtecknil. My probe came quite close, but not close enough, evidently, to actually find scientific data. Such a disappointment! In that sense it's quite a realistic simulation of failing Mars probes. Now I know how NASA feels. :)

Right now the game is too much simulation and too little game play. A better UI and a more speedy game would make this more fun. With such improvements, I would certainly try this game again, as I have great hope for the concept. Personally I'd have focused a lot more on the oodles of scientific data (alien artifacts, life forms, etc) and less on the orbital mechanics, but nonetheless I think this approach has quite a bit of potential.

2 3 4

interesting design, nice gui. but not too funny. only thing what after start I can do is wait and in most time restart game. A wasn't able to get off from request funding screen without approving it. (with no inicials = error). Ending game with Escape without asking isn't nice. (mainly if this key is used to cancel intros too). This game could be much funnier if here will exist simple way to plan the successful mission.

2 3 4

This game was a bit too complicated for my liking.
I manage to fly around a bit, but not acomplish very much. I might just be stupid, but this wasn't really my cup of tea.

2 3 5

The kind of game that one might find in a science museum. Unfortunately it's very complicated,
and not clear at all what the goal is(get more money?), or what sort of amounts of
anything(money, fuel, degrees) to try.

1 4 3

This game wasn't terribly exciting. I didn't have the patience to see if my ship was going to make it anywhere. It seemed more like a simulator than a game.

3 4 4

There were some problems with the red text box not showing correctly which didn't allow me to to enjoy the game fully, but nice game from where I sat...

1 4 4 yes

Not interesting enough, you can send rockets to collect data, which can give you funding to buy more rockets to collect more data... :) could become interesting when more features are implemented though.