PyWeek - Sneak - feedback

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4 3 4

The idea was nice. The game was a bit slow, even on a fast PC, and that made hard controlling the speed of the character (which is quite important when trying to stand close to a laser beam). But nice job

3 4 4

Good game. A little trouble climbing ladders. Combining colors was interesting. Couldn't find an ending. Nice graphics, with lots of variety in the background and objects. With a few more levels and enemies, this has potential to be a great game.

4 3 4

Good puzzles and fun to play. Perhaps a little difficult when you first start. With a little polish could be very good!

3 3 5

Good game, but maybe a bit complicated for me. Everything what I do, it makes alarm :)

3 2 4

Really cool idea and use of theme. The gameplay was a bit chunky though.

4 3 4

It's fun, but I couldn't finish it...

3 3 3

played with pekuja's fixed.

4 3 3

Nice game idea. The player control isn't very good. Some music would't be wrong..

3 3 3

Pretty decent game.

2 4 3

So I really really wanted to play this game over and over, but the controls just killed me! Sometimes I feel like they're responding 100% other times pressing left does nothing. I like the layout of the levels and the laser system. The overall look of the game was cool but the controls killed me.

4 5 4

- Too slow for my computer (Athlon 2000+), psyco helped a bit. - The level often becomes
unsolvable after returing from capture. Because I don't have enough of bateries. - How to
finish the second level?

3 4 4

Very nice and detailed graphics, and creative idea.

4 3 2


3 4 2


5 2 3

cool idea, and interesting game-play!

4 4 4

Good to see another Christchurch, NZ entry!
I know you said this was inspired by Prince of Persia, but I can't help but compare it to The Persian Gulf Inferno instead--and the comparison is favourable.
Very nicely done all round, particularly since this was a solo entry! My single complaint would be that the control system needs some work--perhaps subtle {ac,de}celeration, like Richard suggested during the competition.

4 3 4

The controls are a bit touchy and hard to get used to. If someone handn't told me about the open window I never would've got into the building. All in all, looks very good and made good use of theme.

2 3 3

I found the game concept match the theme pretty good, and overall it is a nice idea.
There is a "bug", or maybe unimplemented feature, that it is very hard controlling the character (and after being caught, that char always walks left automatically). it quite damaged the fun of the game, and overall all the categories.

3 3 3

Walk cycles are a bit jumpy, and the game doesn't seem to have an end, or a continuation after a certain point. The idea is good though.

4 4 4

Fun, challenging, and a neat look to it.

2 2 3

Instructions are long and boring to read. Need some pictures, or at the very least, some different sized fonts!

Nice use of theme with the RGB cloaks to show that there are different degrees of disappearing.

The animation of the guy walking could use more frames, and I'd love to hear some music :)

3 4 3

Good fun, but couldn't figure how to get past the person on the desk. Some dodgy control in the player movement - bit hard to line up to the ladders (and hitting the wrong key combination can result in a strange warp jump)

3 3 4

The one thing that needs to be fixed is the controls. They simply do not have enough accuracy for the game. This results in trouble whenever you need split-second timing.

3 3 3

The idea works. The controls are very fast and the game was a bit too hard for me so I didn't pass the second screen before I got frustrated.

2 2 4

Neat concept for a game; I like the breaking-and-entering bit (not that I /do/ that type of
thing), and the stealth suits are clever. There definitely needs to be more meat to the game,
but what's there is quite fun. The main problem with the game is the movement engine; it's like
Prince of Persia at 3 frames per second, which is very, very scary. It's still playable, but
would be much moreso with tighter controls.

4 3 3

Major performance problems. Optimize your game! (Actually, I noticed that doing a
convert_alpha on all the surfaces helps tons.) The game concept is pretty neat. I couldn't
figure out how to get past the receptionist without bribing the guard though. And I guess the
concept wouldn't last for very long as it is. Maybe with more complex "mazes" of batteries and

3 3 4

This game is good, but the movement is awkward. If the movement had a better feel, this game would be really great.

4 4 3

it needs a continue feture

3 2 3

Well, the game seems sort of like prince of persia, except for the swordfights. Where are the
swordfights? :P The game felt quite laggy before I used the performance patch by Pekuja, but
otherwise it's kind of nice - The graphics work, and you have to time walking through those
beams carefully if you want to save batteries. Perhaps the first complaint that comes to mind
is that the first level is kind of hard - I didn't seriously spot that open window on the first
try. There should be some sort of a hint given to the player if he doesn't figure it out himself.
The multicolor lasers also don't seem to work perfectly - I had all my cloak batteries on, but
still got caught on some of them.