PyWeek - A Lichee Hornet Mutiny - feedback

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4 4 4

Nice concept! It left me wanting for more levels. I'm not sure how puzzle-y you intended this
game to be, but I imagine that it would be possible to create some interesting door
manipulation scenarios. I also find it nice to have the web be destroyed if you pass through it,
which forces the player to stay on the other side. It's cool how you turned some scribbles and
cut pictures into a nice art style. It has a scrapbook feel to it. I also like the subtle detail of
the character's eyes looking at the swarm. Great work!

2 3 3

Very short, a few more levels would've been nice.

4 4 4

Nice game! I hope you make more levels.

4 4 4

Enjoyed the historical Chinese back story and music.

3 4 4

well done, a bit minimalistic, but ok, 1 or 2 levels more would have been nice but I know it takes
time to design them right

4 3 4

I really liked the graphics, I thought they were cute. Good overall styling and a fun game. Was a
bit short though with only three levels, and it would have been cool to see the mechanic evolve a
bit with more levels, or add in new elements. Cool concept!

3 4 4

A very nice game with a good feel overall and some nice level design. I liked the graphical style
and the motion of the main character. Good use of level design to teach the game logic although
on level 1 hornets would sometimes go through the web which made it unwinable.

3 3 4

Interesting game. Needed more content, but basic idea is promising.

2 3 4

I like the style. Good idea for a mechanic, but I wish there could have been more complicated
puzzles or something.

4 3 3

Fun puzzles. Nice simple game.

4 4 4

I read your diary entry. The artwork is cute. :) Well done.

The content is light, as you warned, but it demonstrated the wide scope of what you intended and
succeeded in doing: if only you had more time. What is here is fun, and I think it would have
continued to provide fun puzzles.

The mangled-in-translation joke was hilarious. Nice touch. The little bobbling egg doll
made me chuckle.

Even though this game is light on content, it has a lot of content, if ya get me.

I hit a couple bugs (no pun) where: 1) a hornet came through the wall of the conservatory instead
of pathing into the web: sad princess; 2) the hornets got caught inside or stuck on a closing
door, nowhere near the conservatory, but the try failed as if they'd entered the
conservatory: sad princess. But I got to retry. :) The bugs did not kill the fun, and if you had
more time for content you surely would have caught and fixed them. So no worries, I didn't ding
you for them.

Thanks for making this game.

4 4 5

well, I was catched by the background music,it is quite like Beijing opera from my intuition.
However, the doll is quite Japanese,but I still confirmed the music is Chinese style ^ v^ am I
right?Due to the limited time, there is only one level in the game, but it is quite
interesting!I like your handwriting style!