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Fun at the beginning, but all you do it seems is direct people to stars faster than your opponent, so I eventually got a bit tired of it. Maybe more things to do would be nice, although I know you probably didn't have time. But it was fun anyway.

3 3 3

I found it nice.

4 4 4

Couldn't control the delivery boys very well. Also, never seemed to be able to make much of a

3 4 4

Intriguing game. I struggled to get the balance between constantly poking at the reporters and setting the other parameters correctly, but it was challenging and quite entertaining.

4 3 3

Impressively complete business management game. The micromanagement got a little dull eventually.

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4 4 4

Cool interpretation of the theme and nicely polished. It didn't turn out to be as fun as I initially thought it would -- I think there needed to be a little something to make the micromanagement more entertaining but I'm not quite sure what. For some reason I keep wanting to work Clarke Kent and Superman into the game somehow. :)

4 3 4

It's a bit dull without music but I like the game.

4 5 4

The production was exceptional and game controls and working of the game were very good. It would be a long game to play. Good work! and yeah, relationship with the theme was highly tangential.

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I found it a bit hard to control, but otherwise lots of fun. I'd like to have a way to switch between my various employees using the keyboard instead of having to move my mouse around and click, which is slow and error-prone.

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Nice take on the theme.

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This works - I mean you can run the game. This is a big plus. I know from where you got the graphics - it's average. Gameplay is really boring. you just click on stars and buy new staff.

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2 4 5

Good job, you put a lot of thought into the simulation aspects of the game. I like the idea of going around collecting column-inches. Having said that, it was too complicated to wrap my head around. I felt like I spent an awful lot of time moving my reporters around in order to do a little bit of strategizing.

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+ good idea
- bad execution, it's confusing

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I liked the idea, but it would have been nice if combined with a bit of 4X

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3 3 4

Kind of innovating.
awsome for a solo entry. Nice work man :)

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I love your creative take on the theme. Making a sim-newspaper stand was a great idea. The graphics you used worked well with your game.

Even after reading the complicated instructions, I had a hard time understanding what was going on. My money never seemed to go up or down, and I didn't get the feeling that I was winning OR losing. I think this game needed a few tutorial levels with dumbed-down rules so that players can get the hang of it one step at a time.

5 5 5

4 3 3

Nice game, I will probably play it now and then.

I couldn't find how to exit the level designer.

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When reading your diary's I thought it sounded like such a good game, and it has got masses of potential. Whether pyweek gave you time to fill out that potential I don't know. I do feel this could make a good phone game, however.

I'll focus on the good points :)

-> Very nice graphics
-> You managed to implement an AI that (annoyingly) beats me to news
-> It was very innovative

Hope to see you next time :)