PyWeek - A Game of Catch - feedback

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2 3 3

Nice card game.

I wasn't able to finish it however.

3 3 3

Interesting twist on the game of solitaire. Many thanks!

3 3 4

Pretty fun. Quite difficult

3 3 4

The concept is good and it was fun, but there were a few issues. It could really use the rules in the main screen. A directed graph representing what catches what would be great and it would definitely help me figure out a strategy. There could be a notification and score when you get to the case you can't do anything else. Like solitaire, I think it's a bit of a problem that it's hard to know if what you're doing will lead to an empty hand (or perhaps I can't see if there's a good strategy). Despite these issues, overall, this game is quite good. It just could use a bit more of work and playtesting, although I know it's hard given the time.

4 4 4

Quite a fun card game. Very impressive in the time you had. Looks really nice and I didn't spot any bugs.

4 3 4

Engaging twist on the usual patience game. Kept me entertained for a good while. My hunters couldn't catch other hunters -- I don't know if this was a buglet or political commentary. :)

4 4 4

I have a soft spot for card games with custom cardsets. :)

4 4 2

Nice idea. Needs some balancing of the cards, though.

1 3 2

It's a card game

4 3 4

Trickier than I expected given the description, but a lot of fun.

3 3 4

nice concept! :)

4 2 4

It's a workable implementation of a solitaire card game. That's not saying much, but when you learn the rules it turns out that the card game is very enjoyable and original! The only weak spot is the scoring as it doesn't give any incentive to replay the game once you've managed to beat it. A timer or difficulty levels might be good solutions to this, but I know you were pressed for time. Really well done!

4 5 2

cool game.

4 4 4

Pretty impressive, considering the amount of time that went into it. I have yet to win a game, but I'm starting to figure out how to avoid getting myself into an unwinnable situation. Great work.

4 3 4

The background music doesn't loop. That means I've played long enough to notice..

2 3 4

Pretty hard, but amusing

4 3 4

Fun and original and fits the theme. I like it.

3 2 3

Not bad. Simple and creative idea. More complete than some entries that took all week, too. I hope next time you can give it all seven days!

2 2 2

Glad I played the "winnable" version. It's alright, but pretty dry visually and no gameplay improvement over standard solitaire.

4 2 4

Definitely innovative and definitely fun. I love that some cards have multiple predators/prey. My current record is down to four cards remaining, but rest assured I'll be playing it more.

Keep up the good work bro. My only qualm is with the graphics, but the fun of the game overrides that a little.

Considering how little time you had, I think this was a really good entry.

2 3 2

It's still really hard to win, and hard to remember what catches what. A neat idea, but I think a linear progression of catching things (a catches b, b catches c, c catches d, and so on) would have made it simpler and easier to pick up.

2 3 2

It's well made for a card game.