PyWeek - Greg's pyweek entry no. 0x0a - feedback

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Good Job!

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Your game has a nice look, although it's programmers art :) But controlling the guy was a pain in the a... Everytime i tried to just tunr him around he made a few additional steps and i felt down. So after climbing 5-6 levels i gave up. But the idea with the wobbling tower is nice and well implemented.

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Maybe it's just me, but I found the controls to be extremely frustrating. I found it almost impossible to get past the Game Room, and I came very close to giving up there. The guy seems very eager to walk farther than I want him to, especially down staircases or off ledges. If your horizontal motion is stopped on your ascent during a jump, I think you should be able to regain a little and still make it onto the next ledge by holding forward. I think I did finally make it past and finish the game, but only after what felt like way too long.

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I really like the concept, but I wish you had time to expand the game some more. The concept seems to have some potential as I realized when I had to wait for the platform to wobble my way to reach it, or the blocking wall to wobble away for me to jump. However, the game is too short to take advantage of that potential. Also, I had some issues with the slippery movement. I don't know if that's intentional, but it's a small annoyance. I didn't have much use for the sonic screwdriver either; that probably could be removed or made more useful. Anyway, aside from my nitpicking, I enjoyed the game and, despite my opinion that it could use more and better designed floors, the idea is quite interesting. I'd be looking forward if you were to make an expanded version (I would suggest it to be more platform-ey, with, aside from what I wrote here, some dangerous obstacles and the ability to duck to avoid obstacles passing above). :)

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Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 12, in <module>
import main
File "Game/Code/", line 8, in <module>
mixer.init(frequency = 44100, buffer = 441)
TypeError: init() takes no keyword arguments

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nice game.. was really hard to play though :(

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Nice game. Probably the wobbliest game in the competition, so well done on following the theme. The controls were a major flaw though, I found it very hard to get the character to do what I wanted him to.

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controls are so messed up that its no fun at all playing (character often jumps in the wrong direction, you sometimes get stuck in a wall, falling down stairs, et cetera)

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I would have liked to see you include some moody music to suit this game. The feel of it reminded
me of day of the tentacle, maybe it was the hotel setting. Decent platforming experience to be
had here, set against an interesting and quite innovative concept. I do wish for greater
fan-fare when I completed the game, that current ending does seem a little rushed and
unsatisfying .

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Loved the tower oscillations changing the jumps as you climb; but it was a bit unrewarding to play.

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It was a good idea, that whole jelly thingy. The controls were dreadful however, and there was only one level.

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I cannot play your game in ubuntu 9.10 $ python Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 12, in import main File "Game/Code/", line 8, in
mixer.init(frequency = 44100, buffer = 441) TypeError: init() takes no keyword arguments

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Loved how the platforms moved, and made it very difficult to move.

My vision is still warping after I've finished playing. Will this vision alteration be a permanent state? I kind of like it.

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I like the wobbling of the tower, but there's not much else going on.

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I managed to jump through the elevator walls and fell all the way down outside. The collision detection was so odd to me (I even had trouble jumping on the reception - yes, the VERY FIRST obstacle) that I didn't manage to finish the game. I actually like the wobbling levels and the story - maybe it was just my own disability that ruined the fun. ;-)

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Fits the theme very well, and the tower is excellently implemented. The jumping and walking does not feel quite right, but I managed to climb up. The furniture in the hotel and the framing story pages are cute. I am sure this wobbling mechanic could be used to good effect with more challenging (and longer) levels. The part where you have to ascend using small stepping stones is a good start. Also I am sure these more advanced levels could make good use of the sonic screwdriver — as it is I only needed to use it for tuning the radiator.

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The screwdriver sound! nyaaaarg XD

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i don't have words to describe how frustrating this game is, and how ugly the control system is.

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For some reason this didn't work for me. Well, technically it did as the game starts and runs
fine, but when I jump it just raised me a few pixels instead of jumping. I could get to the top
level by jumping all the way up.. and I'd just go straight through walls. it was quite odd.