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Pyweek 7 Warmup

The last few weeks I have been brushing up on my opengl and digging a bit more into pyglet (great job pyglet-devs!) with some explorations into terrain tiles. I have been uploading snapshots of the code as I go, although it ain't pretty.

Check it out here


a start

Thinking of previous "string" experiences in the game world, I recollected the endless hours of fun using the "ninja rope" in worms2 to cleverly deposit all sorts of things (e.g. holy handgrenades) by my enemies. Some people in my dorm attained an astonishing level of skill (this was freshman year, 1999).

Fast forward to pyweek 7, me with a freshly opened beer, and the beloved tools of pymunk and pyglet. I think i will reverse on my desire to do 3d, as my explorations have revealed complexity involved (especially in making reasonable controls!), plus my sister is visiting next week, which will eat up alot of otherwise pyweek time.

Hopefully a reasonable working prototype of the ninja rope before i call it quits tonight, and a screenshot!

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