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A little too cerebral for me.

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Holy crap this game is hard, but very cool idea of using an interesting algorithm like this.

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Nice idea.

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Couldn't unzip it (Linux, using "unzip"), it gaves tons of errors.

I first tried with the version that comes in the torrent, then downloaded it again directly from here, same problem.

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Pyglet 1.1 doesn't work with my video card.

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Don't think it had much to do with the theme "Robot". In all though, it is a great game.

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Well, the last level went from impossible to too easy after the fix. But I was seriously swearing at it before the fix lol.

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Very well done! Clean and solid game, I liked the premise/rules of the game quite a bit, and the graphics were beautiful. Nicely done on the game! I got up to maybe the 4th hard level or so before I got too tired and wanted to go to bed. Cheers!

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An interesting puzzle idea!

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Is not the subject of challenge

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Rules for GoL in the readme are wrong - you might want to fix that. Fun, though, and not too easy in the later levels.

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Fascinating puzzle and very nice graphics. A little bit of music might round this off really well. Good Job!

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Great puzzle idea.

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Nice for a small puzzle game. The rules could be more clearly explained

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Simple, but great

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Great puzzle game, although the inability to see what you just tried destroys it. Also, honestly, this doesn't fit robot at all. Yes I understand 'cell automata' but still.

Despite that, change it so it goes back to what you just tried, with an option to just reset the level, and you'll have a production quality puzzle game.

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Very cool. I got to lvl 2 on hard then I was stumped. Neat idea, and well executed; but not exactly robots.

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Couldn't figure it out. Robots?

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it took me forever to beat the first level on easy - I didn't figure out that the starting seeds should be left alone as part of the solution. Once I finally "got it" though I was able to solve the puzzles in a much less frustrating amount of time.

I'm not sure where the robot theme fits in, but great job regardless. I really like it.

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I'm not really digging this game.

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I'm not much for puzzle games, but this one is very well polished, and the idea to use Conway's game of life was clever. You could seriously sell this game for $5 or $10 and people would buy it, the polish and ideas are that good.

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Really nice game and art but what about robot theme?

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It haven't a robot!

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I applaud you for trying something so very original, it's a shame it has nothing to do with the theme of robots though. I played through to the hard levels very quickly and got completely stuck on one level. It was interesting in that I developed an intuitive sense of how to win, yet at the same time could never figure out the rules _at_all_.

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I love the crying panda... but where are the robots?

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I had very much fun, solving the puzzles (i didn't finish all) and i will play it again.

It's suprising how complex a puzzle can get with only the three simply rules.

Despite the lack of sound everything is perfect. The look is coherent, the fadding and unfolding of the seeds looks great and in combination with the really nice backgrounds and font this is a perfect match of all factors.

I think is one of my favourites among the team entries!

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