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2 3 4

For some reason the sound effects sounded really "dirty". The interface was quite complicated, though I guess the idea itself was pretty nice.

4 3 4

I like the oldschool feel of this game. The menu is pretty cool, reflecting a stringy dream.
Here, the walking sound kept interrupting the music and forced me to remove my headphone. I had
a bit of a problem with the excessive number of commands, but the fact that you pointed them out
really helped, I would have had a hard time going through the game without that. Maybe it would
have been even easier if two or more independent commands were assigned to the same key (for
example, attaching and cutting tail), and a single to key build a bridge would be great. The
game seems to lag a bit sometimes. The puzzles were well designed and it's a very nice use of
theme. The rules for the puzzles (getting string, throwing string) work well. I didn't play it
to the end, there was a point I made a mistake (throwing a string being far from a pole) and the
last checkpoint was too far away, and I gave up after that happened twice. Great job with this

4 3 4

Very stringy. Very challenging.

5 4 5

I love the puzzles! I still haven't gotten the room with the portable bridges yet, and I've spent about an hour at it. My only complaint is the controls. There's got to be a better way than hitting R/D/F/T/C/whatever. Like Shift+arrow could shoot instead of hitting R then arrow. And if you've already got a tail Shift could still reel it in. Anything easier to use would be great.

3 3 3

Not bad, got a bit stuck quite quickly - the controls were really complicated!

4 2 4

Tough but fun puzzles, interesting use of string. An innovative take on a roguelike. The context sensitive help system is a good idea but I wish it was collated in a single place rather than being spread all over. Could have used more love on the production side though, it felt too brown and a bit too monochromatic for my taste. The sounds are also a bit on the annoying side.

4 2 4

I like this very much! The controls might be a little confusing sometimes though.

4 2 5

Wow. I thought this was a really great idea with some smart puzzles. Nice work! A bit of graphics polish and it would have been amazing.

3 2 3

I'm generally predisposed against games that take place in sprawling dungeons, but this game
was fun. But when the puzzles became more difficult the somewhat awkward controls became
frustrating. I enjoy difficult puzzles, but the difficulty should be in finding the
solution, not in its implementation. :)

3 3 3

Key commands were somewhat esoteric.

3 3 3

i dont like this kind of games much, and learning the controls was a mess.

2 2 4

Funny puzzles

4 4 4

Difficult to remember different keys and to understand what to do when. Requires training. :)

5 4 4

I really enjoyed this game.. the controls were a little annoying but the gameplay and idea is
solid. Great work!

2 2 3

Not very usable...

3 3 3


4 3 4

good original puzzle game

4 3 5

Awesome idea, but I ran into bugs quite often. You should definitely keep working on this :-)

4 3 4

Nice one.

4 4 4

This is a really good puzzler, an original idea and great level design.

3 2 3

<p>Interesting puzzle. It could use better production and sound (the ones now are annoying).

<p>Managing the pieces of rope (specially when you have different colors mixed) do not add much to the puzzle element of the game, and gets tedious. A shortcut here would help. Also, the controls are somewhat weird.

3 4 4

Nice game, nice idea ^^

4 2 4

The first moment are irritating ( near to drop the game):
You spawn, theres no clue of objetives. You see a monster, usually they are no good for health, so you stay away. Oh, theres a string. labels pop up and disapear, dispersed in the up and down border. Oh, I must watch the monster, watch for labels, the mouse cursor is visible, must I do something with it ? Humpf. Go next room. Aha, a key, and a door. Well, theres a near term objetive objetive. Wander, accidentally touching moster. wow, ah, its a friend. Gives a cue.

I think the first impresion of the game are critical.

Surelly you can think more variations, but what about:
you spawn touching the monster. A nice pop up with a long term goal (rescue the princess, whatever) and basic cues ( all similar monsters are friends , take string, you will need it ) Make the popup not overimpose the characters, looks too bad. Allow the eyeballs concentrate the atention near the characters, not patrolling all screen space. There must be another feedback mechanism, more compact that the disperse labels. Mouse is marvellous to show alternatives and query capabilities using the cursor shape.

Well, at the third level the feeling: mhh, interesting! come.
And nice first screen.

4 5 5

VERY top notch game! I can find very little fault with it, and it's really quite a lot of fun to play! I stayed up waaaay too late playing it tonight -- it totally had me hooked! (or tied?)<br><br>
Great job on the game -- I love the puzzles, and the quality user interface. If you're standing on a tile with multiple strings, you can attach to one, and if it's not correct, just detatch and try again, and it will automagically connect you to the next one. Superb!<br><br>
I still haven't figured out all of the nuances and tricks of the game -- as you said, you could use a "middle" area to teach you some tricks (for instance, how to best recover string from a bridge you no longer need), etc.<br><br>
Another favorite thing of mine is the GUI to tell you what options are currently available -- that's a *lifesaver*. Reading the README, I was very scared about being able to remember all of the keys, and was hoping for a tutorial when I loaded up the game. You did me one better, by having the automagic key hints, which was just an invaluable reminder throughout the game, and made it a very enjoyable learning process. That's not an easy thing to do with such a complicated game, but you pulled it off with flair.<br><br>
So despite the graphical glitches, because of the great work put in on the user interface, I'm giving you top-marks for production as well. <br><br>
Fantastic job!

4 3 4

too many keys. it also could have used a little gloss but not bad at all.

2 3 5

The concept is great, but controls are quite complex. Very original puzzle game! It would be
great in a free movement context, instead of using a grid.

2 3 2

Not much fun. I could never manage to throw the string over the gap. When the obstacle of the game is to master the awkward controls, then it is just a frustrating game.

3 2 3

Tail is cool.

1 1 3

Sadly its not at all intuitive what to do, there's clearly a game here but it ruins it to have to
spend so long working out what to do right from the start. Sorry.

3 1 4

Sometimes it crashed or hung when I pressed N for a new game.

Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault
Aborted (core dumped)

Python 2.5, pygame 1.8.1, pyopengl 3.0.0 (ubuntu packages)

Once, it didn't crash. Game seemed like it would be interesting and puzzly, but I was unable to throw my tail for some reason, and no instructions as to the correct key press for direction to throw it.

Polish this a bit more and I'd play it again.

2 4 4

Cool sounds and nice graphics. Didn't get the idea though.

3 3 4

Took some while to understand how the game works. A proper help-file would've been nice :P Good idea anyways