PyWeek - Selective Color Blindess - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 4

Cool concept. I could only beat the first few levels, switching colors while jumping is

3 3 4

Good game concept!

3 3 4

Great concept with fun (and challenging) game play! Tied to the theme pretty well.

4 2 4 yes

a really nice concept, sadly didn't follow the theme. keep it up!

2 1 4

the idea of the game is very cool, but instead the graphics are so bad and don't have music,
sounds or something to be more attractive.

4 3 5

no sound

3 3 4

Connection to the theme felt a bit weak.

The mechanic is interesting, although the game too often relies on exact timing for my
personal taste.

3 4 4

I found the controls frustrating, but the game idea is really nice and I liked the production

3 3 4

Cool idea, I wish Id thought of it!

3 3 3 yes

Good puzzle platformer with some interesting ideas. No sound, which should affect your
production score, but everything else it's well done, so never mind. My only problem with this
game is that I can't see the connection with the theme so I'm voting DQ.

4 3 4 yes

This game was super hard! The colorblindness mechanics were very cool. Though the levels
could use some more gradual ramping up of the difficulty before that doozy of a third one (or
even the second one was fairly difficult). Unfortunately this game did not have an 8-bit
theme. It sort of had an 8-bit style, however the graphics weren't really truly 8-bit, so I'm
just failing to see any interpretation of the theme here.

3 3 4

Just 8-bit enough to avoid disqualification.

The difficulty level increased beyond my ability a few levels in. I like the general idea,
though, and the mechanics I saw before giving up were quite interesting.

1 1 1 yes

What about 8-bit theme?

5 3 4

This is such a great idea and so fun!

3 2 3

Pretty cute concept for a game - but no sound as far as I could tell, and the graphics could use a
little work. Enjoyed playing it til I got stuck!

4 3 5

What a clever little game. Quite playable. :)

4 3 5 yes

the game is good and the concept too, i tick the "disqualify entry" because the imagine of the
troll is not free.

4 3 5

Great game concept. Good job.

5 3 4

I played this game first and found myself addicted with the need to finish each level. It had a
good challenging balance. Good job making so many levels in only a week!

2 2 4

Level design can be tough. My suggestion to not be "romhack hard" is to make sure there's at
least 2 good ways to get past every physical challenge.

3 3 3

I like the concept but it's a bit too difficult for me.