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The Flip Flop Phalanx

Tough on the outside, soft underfoot and in the underbelly.


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nikolajbaer 2009/04/28 05:27

Diary Entries

online strategy game?

I am pretty excited about hopefully (crosses fingers) finding the time to compete in April. I am eager to try to make an online strategy game, rather than a local game, using cherrypy. I might make a client in pyglet to work with this online game, but would probably start with an html/js interface to the server.

The final entry will be runnable locally on anyone's computer (but they will, if the client doesn't come together, have to interact via a website), and most likely the hope will be that people come participate on one centralized server.

Does this fit in the rules?


changed tact

I was snooping around the pyweek world last night and finally got around to checking out Cocos2d. Wow, great job guys, it looks really nice, and I think I am going to dump my web app plans in favor of some 2d fun! Who knows, of course, as this all depends on which way the wind is blowing when i sit down at my computer on start day.

again, hats off to the pyglet and cocos2d developers!


got a lawn.. now, what to do with it

ok, made a lawn texture, and can move around my lawn.. now.. who should not be on my lawn? the conventional game would be old man chasing kids off with the hose (hmm fun particle effects there). My last pyweek game kinda became dull because i tried to be innovative.. so maybe i should just stick to some tactile arcadeness here... (maybe i will get inspired to return to my strategy game idea of weeks ago.. but heh, we'll see).

real life calls..

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idea is found!

ok, admittedly not much coding going on here.. but thanks to Cocos2d i don't have to do much (or so i hope). I think my general idea is going to be driving a lawn tractor trying to suppress rapidly growing crabgrass. Yup, tell that crabgrass to "get off my lawn". Non violent, yes (unless you have a special place for crab grass), but probably ill fated in the fun factor. We'll see how it goes!

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