PyWeek - Detective Creation Kit - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 2 3

Good job for a first entry :)

2 3 3

didnt get too far, just one phonecall. i hate having to write stuff down to play

3 4 1

Just a graphic adventure, but very nice!

2 3 3

Interesting idea, not so much repeat play value.

2 4 2

Not my favorite type of game, but feels solid.

1 3 3

To be honest, I had no idea what was going on. It looked like I needed to use the email, but it
wouldn't let me...

2 3 4

Innovative, but very simple.

3 2 3

Very nice potential, but for now it's still just an engine. A more developed story would be great.

2 2 2

Too simplistic for a real feeling of mystery, and too clumsy to use to be enjoyable. The computer UI in particular was much harder to use than it should've been.

3 1 4

I really like this entry. It's good to see a game with concepts different from the others. I like
the adventure style of this game. Reminds me Carmen Sandiego series. The game needs a lot of
work in the production area. Graphics could be dramatically improved, I mean, the computer is
just a rectangle. Interaction could also be improved. And the most important thing: content.
I finished the game in a few minutes. Just a small suggestion. Don't use a proprietary format
like RAR to pack your game, some of us prefer to use free software and there are several free
formats to use instead.

3 2 3 yes

Interesting little PI simulation; emails were kind of funny. Interface is usable but needs work; sometimes it wasn't clear what to do. I voted to disqualify since I didn't think it fit the theme, though I suppose a twisted mystery theme could have emerged with more breadth in the story.

4 2 2

I solved the case, hurray! it was short and obvious but it was fun

2 2 4

Who would have thought it? With a pc and a phone we can all be detectives! that's really twisted!

2 2 3

Not very twisted, and the argument was too linear (there was only one obvious suspect, and nobody else to make you think twice). The UI is quite uncomfortable (spent a lot of time typing URLs in a not too good editbox).
With some good writing and improved UI, I think you could get to a lot with this engine

1 3 5 yes

very good idea, but this is not really a game. there is very little content and everything is over after like 3 min. You shouldn't have made the game so generic imho... but this was one of your goals as I read. Sorry for the "not at all" rating @ fun, but its really no fun. You should have playtested a lot more, for example: adding the email username/pwd/account everytime I enter the mailprogramm is just horrible.

maybe use this to create a superduper adventure next time, now that you have the framework.

i'm DQing you, because there definitly is nothing related to the theme.

2 2 2

Interface for the various pieces a little difficult to use - I didn't understand how to talk to people on the phone at first. Still, cute!

2 2 2

suffers greatly from lack off simultaneous access to multiple resources

2 2 2

It seems it's, um, not really finished ... the case was short and some of the leads I tried to follow up hadn't been implemented. As for the interface it didn't feel very polished (the websites and emails are all stored as image files? I have to reboot the computer to switch from web browsing to email? web sites can only have one page?) and I don't think I'd fancy trying to fit a more complex detective story into this framework.

2 3 3

It looks like a good game but I couldn't get into it.

3 3 4

Well i always enjoy a good dettective game but cant really say i had patience for this one, the reentry of email each time, anyway interesting effort

2 3 3 yes

Not sure how this is related to the theme "Twisted".

3 3 3

I found the murderer!
Nice short game... I liked the 911 "brain teaser" :)

2 4 4

Very nice idea and very nice concept, but sadly the story/plot was not so thick like I would have
expected it for a game like this (and the conclusion why Peter Summers was the bad guy now is a
bit... you know, I would not say that there is a direct link now... ^^)

1 3 2 yes

I cannot play in my laptop. I can't type / when I must introduce the user and password

4 4 3

Yeah, the case is very short, but I like the idea. Hopefully someone will create a more
complicated case someday.. ;)

3 3 3

Nice, I haven't seen a detective type game in a while. It could have been really fun, but some
things made it a bit frustrating: Only one phone number worked (I'm sure this was a result of not
having time to flush everthing out) Logging into an email account took too much switching
between the mouse and keyboard. the email said "", but you really had to go to
"". Either both addresses should work, or the clue should match the
actual address. Dialing phone numbers was a pain. Especially when most of them don't do
anything, a 3 digit number would probably suffice. 911 was not on the phonebook site - it's not
obvious that's the number to call to solve the case (I only dialed it because nothing else was
working). Nice entry though, a few more days of adding possibilities etc and a bit of interface
tweaking and it'd be a very nice game :)

2 2 1 yes

No twisted theme found.
The concept is not developed enough.

1 2 2

Not fun!