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3 3 3

Nice! This was starting to get fun when the game ended. :( But what you have is already quite fun,
and the fact that you left me wanting more is a good thing! I can see this becoming a really fun
little game with more levels. I like the music, too. Great work!

3 3 3

This looks like a merciless, but awesome game idea. The implementation is a bit bland, but
okay. Sound effects would improve it a lot I believe. But it quits after just a couple of levels!

3 3 4

Interesting take on the visual memory game and not bad for a Python vet and some nubs. :)
Congrats on achieving your goal. Not everyone can boast that.

3 2 3

Nice concept but the limited production makes it hard to really enjoy.

3 2 3

I'm not sure why there isn't an ending credits screen, or maybe I'm doing something wrong, but
past the fourth level the game exits. I guess it could have used more levels, other than that it
was a solid puzzle concept.

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 2, in import
pygame._view ImportError: No module named _view

Sorry, tried pygame-1.9.1, pygame source code from bitbutcket. No luck Linux; OpenSuse
12.3; 64bit

3 3 3

Good little puzzler.

3 2 3

import pygame._view is an error. Very short game, some more levels would have been good. I
don't know if I won or if the game crashed. A simple Message (even a print statement) would have
helped. The graphics are rather dull. Some more colors / details would have been nice.

3 3 4

Nice idea! The end is a bit abrupt though.

3 3 3

A cool game. I like the overall idea of trying to remember the shape of the level. The difficulty
progression works well also. Nice job.

2 2 2

Kind of fun, simple concept. Kind of like a tilemap version of “memory”. A bit too short with
only five levels.

4 3 3

I enjoy games like this, so I had a good time playing your game. I could have handled a few more
levels and maybe an ending screen (the game closed suddenly after a level, I imagine this was he
end of the game). Overall nice work.

2 3 4

An interesting idea. It was short and not very challenging. I think it would have been a lot more
fun had there not been a cheaty reveal tile, and you had to memorize the maps.

3 3 3

A bit short, but a great concept well executed. I don't think I've ever seen a game quite like it.
I really like that there's no instructions. Players are made to figure it out by themselves. I
would have loved just a little more content, is all.